Test of the Hitunes X6 headphones by Urgreen, accessories that reinvent the art of listening

If my wired headset suits me very well for gaming, I really wanted to try a lighter and wireless solution ready to use for my phone lying next to it and keeping my hands on the keyboard. Ugreen headphones are timely, but what are they worth?

Packaging and design: Urgreen goes straight to the point

The packaging of the headphones is absolutely simple, a box, a little protective cardboard, a plastic to hold the elements in place: Done! Everything fits in the palm of my hand. Even if I wasn’t expecting a two-metre box, at a time when packaging is so important in the marketing of a product, I find this choice audacious.

The headphones themselves are beautiful, not flashy. The headphones are nothing like the models I know and in shape and color are a far cry from Apple’s airpods. Black, they have a rod to obtain a more precise adjustment in the ear. The charging case also goes straight to the point, it’s black, has a battery indicator on the front and a USB-C charging port on the back as well as a small button to press to check the battery status.

One plus, it looks sturdy. Coupled with its sober design, it can be put in a pocket without fear of breaking everything or scratching something expensive. The look is one thing, but what interests us in headphones is the sound! So what are they really worth?

Contract fulfilled hands down, the sound is excellent

Let’s face it, yes, these headphones do the job and more than I expected. The music in particular is particularly well done. I listened to a bit of everything, rock, metal, rap, classical, pop, slam and others… the sound quality is there. The HiTune X6 earphones particularly render the bass very well, even making me hear for the first time details in the background of songs that I know well (I made a note of changing my headphones after that!).

The highs are also very good and the whole gives a balanced, clear and rich sound. It’s a big surprise for me, I didn’t expect that given the price of these headphones! An important point to note is that the UGREEN HiTune X6s can also turn the volume up really high for those who have already lost too much hearing to care today.

I talked about their different design from what is done elsewhere, and don’t worry about that too, the comfort in the ear is total. Born in the 80s, I have mostly known round, big headphones, which have the annoying habit of falling off if you don’t destroy your ears to push them in. Here none of that, they land and stay there. I shook my head all over the place and couldn’t make them fall, another very pleasant surprise!

Very good noise cancellation function

With built-in noise cancellation, you can completely disconnect from your surroundings and focus on your listening. However, it took me a few replacements in the ear to seal it all off and get the most out of this feature. Obviously, adapting a system of this type to headphones is a technical challenge and you will not obtain the same level of silence as with headphones entirely designed for them. Nevertheless it works well and it is very pleasant.

Note in the additional functions, the Urgreen Hitune X6 headphones have several microphones to be able to “cancel the noise”. But these microphones can also be used to make calls. I tried this possibility on my phone, skype and discord, I can be heard very well, without showing great quality, this option can be an interesting troubleshooting when you are not at home with your headphones (which will definitely be changed, I discover new sounds as I write this article!).

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