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Once you’ve had a taste of the cloud, it’s hard to go back. It’s so convenient to be able to work with your documents and tools from anywhere. If you are not comfortable with GAFAM solutions, I may have the alternative solution adapted to your needs: OnlyOffice.

OnlyOffice: presentation

OnlyOffice is a cloud-based collaborative tool offering an office suite. It is published by the company Ascensio System SIA based in Latvia. In OnlyOffice you can create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets or presentations. It’s a SaaS software (Software As a Service) that works natively and fully from any web browser. For convenience and offline work, they also offer dedicated applications for all platforms.

The OnlyOffice suite currently has more than 7 million users around the world and has just released its version 7.2.

Why choose OnlyOffice over GAFAM offers?

OnlyOffice uses the open source model : with transparent access to its source code, OnlyOffice ensures that it is free of malware, does not manipulate your data and allows strong integration with all the business solutions you use. Its structure on a human scale, in Europe, makes it possible to have a real contact in case of need or specific questions.

OnlyOffice is therefore a technical, philosophical and ethical alternative to the proposals of the GAFAM giants.

Apart from these considerations, its commercial offer is also very competitive. Indeed, its access is totally free for personal use and still very affordable for business solutions allowing collaboration with several people.

OnlyOffice: Features

As introduced by Microsoft Office, the office suite offered by OnlyOffice revolves around various major applications :

  • Document
  • Picture
  • Presentation
  • form
  • PDF reader and converter

So you can:

  • edit, format your documents with the Document application
  • make many spreadsheets with the Tableau application
  • Make presentations with slides using the Presentation application
  • Create forms to collect massive data with Form

All these tools are compatible with documents in Microsoft formats: .doc .docx .xls .xls etc and you can save your documents with the various file providers on the market such as: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or ownCloud.

Here is an example of a pivot table
Here is an example of a pivot table

Unlike other cloud solutions, here we find all the advanced features of office software with, for example, :

  • The revision, translation, macros under Document
  • The Pivot tables and amortizations under Tableau
  • Use a bunch of custom templates for Presentation

The software is in permanent updateversion 7.2 has just been released with its share of good surprises, I find:

  • We can observe changes in real time when collaborating with others
  • We can integrate complete Excel sheets into Word while continuing to exploit the functions of the latter
  • There is a marketplace to download add-ons
  • Dark mode is integrated.

OnlyOffice: Prices

The Onlyoffice pricing for a classic person is simple: it’s free. You can therefore register and benefit directly from the tools listed above, without financial or other compensation on your part.

For businesses, it’s a bit more complex and there are basically two options.

Either the company goes directly through the OnlyOffice cloud and there are two formulas:

  • Startup: Free with 5 users
  • Business: €4.20 per user

Either the company goes through an installation of the system on the internet and there are different licenses:

  • Company
    • Home: €129 for one-time use for up to 10 users
    • Commercial: lifetime license €1020 for 50 users
  • Develop
    • Development: Lifetime license: 1785 € for 20 connections
    • Production: 8225 € per year for 250 users
You can access a marketplace directly from the application.
You can access a marketplace directly from the application.

OnlyOffice reviews

OnlyOffice is a squite attractive cloud solution because it manages to combine the open source model with all that makes its charm, while offering the key and ergonomic features that are difficult to do without. It’s rare enough to mention it, but when a software is ethical, fast, enjoyable and free, it’s hard for me not to recommend it to you.

It is for me a completely viable alternative to Google Docs and Office 365 and frankly invite you to consider it.

Go directly to try it to get an idea, it’s completely free: OnlyOffice.

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