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Medicine, civil engineering, automation, IT, electronics, mechatronics, there are countless fields using 3D printing technology. Whatever the sector, the need for high-performance machines is real.

Photo of the FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D printer
Photo of the FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D printer

Operating according to DELTA technology, the 3D printer SR Super Racer, from the manufacturer FLSUN, seems to bring together all the qualities of a new generation machine. Is it really worth the detour? We discover it here!

FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D printer: constitution

Specialist in the manufacture of 3D devices for 7 years now, FLSUN offers, this time, with the SR Super Racer model, a machine visibly well built, with quality materials.

High strength aluminum frame

Relatively imposing, the FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D printer is 96 cm high and 44 cm wide. Its entire structure is made of metal, precisely high-strength aluminum.

From what I know about this material, it should be responsible here for both the sturdiness and stability of the machine, due to its superb mechanical strength. Heat-treated, it allows the machine to withstand the high temperatures to which it is subjected during use. And it works quite well!

Glass and aluminum lattice platform

The FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D printer is equipped with a platform intended to accommodate the printed objects. To be adapted to its function, it consists of two elements: an aluminum plate and a glass trellis installed superimposed and completely independent of each other.

The materials help the platform withstand high temperatures. It should be noted that it is a heating plate, with a temperature that can go to 100°C; the goal is to maintain the viscosity of the filament during printing.

This set of processes also ensures the perfect adhesion of the printed objects, depending on whether they are in ABS or PLA. As for the configuration of the two elements of the platform, it was chosen to facilitate their dismantling for maintenance and cleaning. The bet is held because the assembly is quite simple to do if you are used to DIY.

Carbon fiber arms

In addition to the frame and the plate, this 3D printer from the FLSUN brand has been equipped with parallel arms made entirely of 3K carbon fiber. This material, renowned for its high rigidity, ensures robustness and durability of the arms. To the touch, we can also feel that we are dealing with a particularly solid material.

The arms are connected by a double spring system that guarantees stability and precision during high-speed movements. Thanks to their modular design, their assembly or disassembly does not require the use of tools. An aspect that I also enormously appreciated!

Linear rail guide

For maximum precision and fluidity in movement, the Super Racer Delta 3D printer has been equipped with a rail guide through which the arms slide. Linear, robust and precise, the rail guide is driven by a 48 mm high-torque motor, characterized by power, speed and extreme precision in high-speed movements, more than being perfectly silent.

Anodized aluminum twin gear extruder

Regarding the extruder of the Super Racer Delta, it takes advantage of an aluminum alloy double gear extrusion mechanism. The choice of aluminum alloy as the material enables the extruder to withstand high temperatures, remain stable and be durable.

This dual-gear extrusion system has two advantages: it allows constant feeding while the extrusion force is doubled; which makes the extruder compatible with high speed printing.

Above all, this optimizes the pressure exerted on the filament to push it towards the nozzle of the machine. With the FLSUN SR Delta, it is possible to extrude both ABS, PLA and PETG filaments. Quite interesting fact for the pros.

Volcano hot end

The extruder is connected to a Volcano nozzle, also known as a hot end, with a diameter of 0.4mm. The nozzle that equips the FLSUN Super Racer Delta makes it possible to manufacture filaments of 1.75 mm in diameter, with an accuracy of ±0.1mm.

I think this hot end was mostly chosen for its high melting efficiency. To keep the hot end at the ideal temperature and limit the risk of clogging, it has been equipped with a very elaborate cooling system. This consists of a cooling fan plus two turbo fans.

With high melting efficiency, two turbo fans and one cooling fan are installed on the hot end. Powerful cooling system can avoid nozzle clogging.

FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D printer: features

With all this equipment, the FLSUN SR Delta 3D printer embeds a number of features, ranging from 3-axis linkage technology to the automatic leveling system.

3-axis linkage technology

Latest generation 3D printer, the FLSUN SR Delta embeds a brand new printing technology, that of the 3-axis link. What characterizes it is its high speed and precision, especially when it comes to printing large parts. The device is indeed capable of printing objects of 260 x 260 x 330 mm, which corresponds to a height of approximately 13 inches and a diameter of 10.2 inches.

To achieve such a feat, the manufacturer has equipped the machine with a stepper motor, with an impressive power of 3 x 48 W, so as to adapt to the demands of high-speed printing. Thus, the FLSUN SR Delta has a printing speed 200% higher than the standard speed. The machine has an acceleration capacity of more than 2,800 mm/s².

We are practically at the limit of high-speed instant printing, all this without losing molding quality or precision. This technology saves up to 50% of printing time. This is what earned this 3D printer the name ” Super Racer “.

However, you can also use this printer at the default print speed of 150 to 200 mm per second. In addition to working with FDM molding technology, the device has a filament detection sensor. Being a bit of a novice in this area, personally, I could only take advantage of the basic functions.

Automatic leveling system

The FLSUN Super Racer 3D printer has an automatic leveling system. It automatically levels or adjusts the distance between the extruder and the platform, so that a minimum distance is maintained, regardless of the type of object printed.

With this system, leveling is done in 27 points, without losing precision and speed. More interestingly, the 3D printer is able to resume printing, without losing the upgrade, following a failure or power outage.

The whole point of automating a leveling system is its ability to make the printing process easier. Here, the machine does the leveling work, without the need for user intervention. It is therefore more advantageous than a manual system which requires the user to upgrade each time it is used. Excellent !

FLSUN Super Racer Delta 3D Printer: System and Software

To harmonize all the features of the FLSUN SR Delta 3D printer, while ensuring speed and precision, the manufacturer has equipped the machine with system equipment.


The FLSUN SR Delta 3D printer is equipped with a 168M high-performance 32-bit processor. This is coupled with a 32-bit motherboard with 4 TMC 2209 drivers. In addition to guaranteeing the printer a calculation speed above the average, this system makes it 4 times less noisy thanks to the silent TMC 2209 reader.


The FLSUN Super Racer has been equipped with a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen from which you have access to printing options such as filament interruption detection, power failure recovery.

This display works with open source firmware compatible with Marlin 2.0.6. It has a brand new user interface, which supports up to 8 different languages, namely: French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese, German and traditional Chinese. .

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