Test, opinion and presentation of the broom vacuum cleaner

New release from Dreame, the H12 – worthy successor to the H11 and H11 max. A combined vacuum cleaner and mop for all-in-one floor cleaning and guaranteed time savings. It looks too beautiful, doesn’t it?

Picture of the Dreame H12 sweeping vacuum cleaner
Photo of the Dreame H12 stick vacuum cleaner

We totally agree ! Anyway, we are going to test this latest find with you here!

Dreame H12 technical sheet

Brand name dream
Model Dreame H12
Powerful 300W
Battery capacity 4000 mAh or 35 minutes
Weight 5kg
Clean water tank capacity 900ml
Waste water tank capacity 500ml

A modern design almost similar to the Dreame H11

At the reception, you will have a large box containing everything you need for your device:

  • The main element of the vacuum cleaner with its clip-on handle.
  • The charging and storage base, with a cable
  • Two small pedestals to be wedged on the base to store accessories
  • A filter and a replacement roller, a long-handled brush for maintenance and a Dreame product for cleaning the floor.
  • The documentation.

I haven’t tested the Dreame H11 but it seems that it is physically similar, the difference being in the weight (5kg against 9.3kg) and in the cleaning head, whose roller is wider and which reaches the baseboards better and corners of the walls. In short, a more manageable and efficient tool.

The controls are on the handle: on/off, mode change and self-cleaning. The body is mainly cylindrical in shape with a led screen and two detachable transparent water tanks. The first, located in the upper part, is intended for clean water and has a capacity of 900 ml.

As for the second, it is located in the lower part, intended for waste water and has a capacity of 500 ml. To remove them, all you have to do is press the silver button in the center so that they pop up instantly. Note that by lifting the second tank, you will also see its filter, replaceable.

Moving your gaze down you will see the cleaning roller which is replaceable with a button on the side that you have to press. Regarding the charging base, you just need to fix the power cable and add the two small plastic bases on the side (not mandatory, because it is to carry the additional equipment).

First try: use as easy as getting started!

No particular assembly to do before the first use: assemble the handle which clips easily, add the two tanks (including one filled with clean water and product) and you are ready. The device will still require a short recharging time before being 100% operational.

The vacuum cleaner has a certain weight but is still easily transportable and easy to handle. Press the brush head with your foot to be able to tilt it and remove the safety, press the power button and go!
Only two modes are available:

  • The automatic mode, programmed each time the device is turned on, which will start the suction, the rotation of the mop roller, the distribution of clean water and its subsequent extraction.
  • The water suction mode, which you can select very easily thanks to the second button.

The extinction of the device is done with the same power button but if you simply want to make a momentary stop, you can engage the safety again by returning the handle to 90°c in relation to the base of the vacuum cleaner.

Personally I have a little trouble doing it smoothly, because I find the security too hard. I often have to go back to it, sometimes with both hands. You can also perform self-cleaning of the device.

Using the Dreame H12
Using the Dreame H12

To do this, all you have to do is fill the clean water container with a quarter and start the program, available by pressing the button at the top of the handle. Another advantage also: the control screen which will allow you to find out useful information and any faults, more precisely:

The level of soiling during cleaning thanks to the colors of the dial (the more red it becomes, the stronger the level of soiling detected and the cleaning power adapts accordingly).

  • Battery status.
  • The chosen mode.
  • Technical problems (jammed roll, incorrectly engaged tray, etc.).
  • If the clean water tank is short or the dirty tank is too full.

Overall it’s pretty to look at and the design covers the engine well but there’s nothing special or extravagant about it.
In short, the handling is extremely easy. No need to read the instructions (only a few pages) to understand how it works because the device is simple in its functions and its use.

Everything is already programmed and you just have to press a button to start it. The guide remains useful all the same for the few questions of safety, maintenance and small technical things like deactivating the voice which is triggered at each change of mode or switching on/off (which can be quickly annoying at the end and not discrete).

But is the performance there?

It all depends on what you are looking for! The Dreame H12 does the promised job: vacuuming, washing and drying. For the first part, it is correctly done but I would say that it lacks a little power. Dust and water do not necessarily go well together and sometimes create small clumps of dirt that are difficult to be vacuumed.

They always end up disappearing though. Regarding cleaning, the rotating brush allows you to really brush the floor and not to dab it lightly like the 2-in-1 autonomous vacuum cleaners. The diffusion of water is well controlled, i.e. the entire roller is moistened in the same way and the flow of clean water is sufficient without being abundant: I only used a single full bin to cover my entire home (50m2), which is a good ratio.

The only thing that I have trouble understanding is that the capacity of the collection tank (dirty water) is lower than that of clean water (900 ml of clean water against 500 ml of dirty water) so a stoppage is necessary during cleaning. For the “drying”, it is rather a suction of water: the ground remains slightly wet but the drying time is record, in a few minutes there is no longer any trace. A few drawbacks to note, however:

  • The maneuverability of the H12 and its rectangular brush do not allow it to pass effectively through small nooks and against baseboards and we see ourselves passing flush with the paint on the wall of the device.
  • The battery drains pretty quickly I think. I lost almost 8 percent of the battery doing only the kitchen and the hallway (in less than 5 minutes). “Fortunately” I don’t have a large home but that makes me think that this device is surely more suitable for small areas.

However, the real advantage is that a few round trips are enough to make your floor perfect. It’s a considerable time saver and it really leaves a feeling of cleanliness, so much so that it becomes a reflex more quickly than the broom or the broom/shovel.

During the test, I was able to use it in particular after changing my dishwasher: stale water from the machine, bread crumbs, dust and footprints… The Dreame H12 got my kitchen clean in less than a minute .

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