Photo de la camera Aqara G3 Hub

Test, opinion and presentation of the camera

The Aquara Hub G3 is a device designed for the home and equipped with a concentrate of technologies allowing it to guarantee the security of a home in an optimal way. I must admit that personally, I had never heard of the Aqara brand before. But I was immediately interested in testing this product given its rather unique look. So what is this monitoring device worth?

Photo of the Aqara G3 Hub camera
Photo of the Aqara G3 Hub camera

A design designed for children

At first glance, you might think that this device is a toy, intended for children, with its rubber coating and cat ears. But make no mistake, this is indeed a formidable hub of security systems doubled with a 2K camera, an alarm system with loudspeaker and an AI of gesture recognition and… advanced image enhancement.

The hub is white, with a big head, definitely cute and comes supplied with the USB-C cable and charger needed to power it. Well, the design is not the main point of such an advanced security tool, but the ideas are fun, for example, you can access the SD card when the camera is in sleep mode. At this moment, two closed eyes appear and the mouth is… the location of the SD card.

A high definition security camera

The Aqara Camera Hub G3 was clearly designed as a security camera for indoor use, and although its size is slightly larger than some other more discreet models, it manages to do its job well, thanks to excellent build quality and quality components.

Aqara has chosen a central Hub, supposed to monitor other systems that are probably less conspicuous. Hence a pleasant design thought to blend into a living room like a small trinket among others. The 2K lens guarantees very sharp images, even at night, thanks to the effective night vision system which activates automatically in the dark.

From a security point of view, the Aqara Camera Hub G3 is complete and can rotate almost 360 degrees and tilt 45 degrees between up and down. It will therefore be necessary to find the ideal location for the camera to be at chest height. The connection is made via your Wifi and took 5 minutes to configure, it is stable and suffered no problems throughout the test.

A very good camera but above all a versatile tool!

The Aqara Camera Hub G3 works very well for its sole function as a video surveillance camera, but where it becomes very interesting compared to other models is for its many additional features. The inevitable microphone/speaker couple is of course present, and allows you to chat with the person filmed from their phone.

But also many options for “programming” your home automation and connecting the hub with other smart products. Note however that if this connection is very easy with Aqara products, it is complicated or even impossible with products from other brands. People tracking and notifications work very well, immediately when the camera detects someone.

On the other hand, the facial recognition capabilities offered are already more complicated to implement. You will need very clear photos, on a white background, without beards or glasses to make the Camera Hub G3 recognize a face. And that recognition is never guaranteed or quick.

On paper it’s very cool and it often works, but in practice it’s a bit weak to really rely on it. On the other hand, gesture recognition is much better and includes five simple gestures for which it is possible to configure actions.

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