Test, opinion and presentation of the controller for XBOX

Released on October 13 of last year, Nacon’s Revolution X Pro Controller has established itself as a new alternative to official Xbox controllers.

Picture of the Nacon Revolution X Pro
Picture of the Nacon Revolution X Pro

With this ambitious controller, Nacon is openly targeting professional players or simply enthusiasts, but looking for customization and a little more advanced comfort.

Unboxing the Nacon Revolution X Pro

Out of the box, the Revolution X Pro makes a very good first impression with its slightly retro design and its shape reminiscent of older controller models. It holds well in the hand and its matte black color is sober and elegant. Nacon has gone all out on aesthetics with its Revolution X Pro and it shows.

The controller is sold with various accessories, first of all the two sets of weights (10, 14 or 16 grams) to adjust the weight of the controller to your liking, but also rings to install on the Joysticks to control the extent of their movements and make them sharper and more precise.

There are also the instructions, as well as a solid case in black and green colors reminiscent of the colors of the Xbox. The case is well designed and allows you to store all the accessories without risking damaging them, such as the controller, its design has not been left to chance. Finally, it will depend on everyone’s tastes, but the controller is wired and there is no wireless version. The cable is three meters long and is long enough to stay comfortable.

The features of the Nacon Revolution X Pro

It’s hard to know where to start, because the Nacon Revolution X Pro brings many features, each as pleasant as the next. For example, as with all other controllers labeled “Pro” from Nacon, you have access to an app on which you can adjust the shortcut commands.

The application also allows you to assign the functions of the 4 rear buttons of the controller and to support several profiles: if a certain number of players use the controller, or if you want to configure the device differently for different games, it is possible with this kit. Everything can be changed, from the sensitivity of the D-pad to the responsiveness of the triggers.

How about comfort and usability?

The adjustable weight of the controller is a great comfort factor. If you prefer a feeling of heaviness in the hands, for example, the Nacon Revolution X Pro adapts to your habits. As mentioned above, the controller comes with 10, 14 or 16 gram weights to insert in the left and right parts.

Personally, I use it with 16-gram weights, which gives me an impression of solidity that I really appreciate. Ergonomics is also successful, the joystick, as a whole, is very pleasant to use.

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