Test, opinion and presentation of the ergonomic mouse

For those like me who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it is always more important to take care of your health and the musculoskeletal risks inherent in posture and prolonged use. The purchase of ergonomic equipment is increasingly seen as an obligation and can help alleviate certain pains, mainly in the wrists and back, while helping to maintain productivity.

Picture of Trust Bayo Ergonomic Mouse
Picture of Trust Bayo Ergonomic Mouse

This is exactly what Trust offers with the Bayo. This mouse, aimed at those who want to avoid the traditional disadvantages of using classic mice, offers itself as an entry-level mouse to pay attention to your joints at little cost.

This mouse is primarily recommended for users who have wrist or hand issues, including issues with motion repetition, or those who want a more comfortable way to work for long periods of time – and without spending a lot for it. The Trust Bayo mouse allows you to relieve your wrist. The Trust Bayo’s vertical design allows your wrist and arm to stay in a more natural position than typical computer mice. We tell you more in this test!

Technical informations

  • Vertical wireless mouse with a range of up to 10 meters
  • The mouse is suitable for right-handed users
  • Trust Bayo Ergo has a sensor resolution of up to 2400 DPI.
  • A total of 6 buttons are available
  • Wireless design with small USB receiver
  • Built-in battery with charging via the included USB-C cable.
  • A sober design that serves as an efficient design

In this price range, the design is obviously not the user’s priority. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this mouse, without trying to be a beautiful object, ticks all the boxes that suit me. Going to the essentials, this mouse has a professional look without frills. I also note that the finish is there, the buttons and coatings last without a hitch after several weeks of intensive use.

On this Trust Bayo mouse, we find the classic buttons of a mouse, left, right and wheel, as well as a previous / next button, which has become almost a standard. Finally, the mouse has an RGB lighting strip which, once switched on, gives it a discreet but certain elegance. This lighting can be disabled if you are not a big fan of Led light on your accessories.

Ergonomics and use

Importantly, this mouse is only suitable for right hands and is not suitable for left-handers at all. The Trust Bayo is a vertical ergonomic mouse, the objective of which is to spare our wrists from prolonged unpleasant twists and allows the whole hand, wrist, arm to adopt a more natural position.

The effectiveness of the position has been proven for a long time and the Bayo fulfills the contract perfectly here. The 45 degree angle relieves the hand pleasantly but requires a little getting used to for those who have used it very little so far (myself included). Once in hand, the mouse is very easy to use and actually relieves our wrists, even some pain and tension that I did not know I had. I was also surprised at the relief brought to my shoulder.

From a health point of view, it’s great, but the features are not left out with a speed ranging from 800 to 2400 DPI. The quality of the wireless connection depends on your connectors, but with a USB 3.0 port directly on the front of my PC, I haven’t noticed any lag or problem on my side. The mouse has an advertised range of 10 meters, on my side I see an effective range (understand, without latency) of 7 to 8 meters, which covers all possible uses.

Correct battery and autonomy for a very practical wireless mouse

The battery lasts 8 hours all-in-all, however, it has a sleep system and automatically shuts off when not in use, which happens more often than you might even think in being in front of the computer. I was able to use it every day with no problem only needing to charge it at night.

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