Test, opinion and presentation of the gaming chair

Razer is currently launching a new model of high-end gaming chair, the Razer Enki Pro. You should know that this seat is designed with comfort in mind for long hours. It is therefore very soft, and adjustable according to your morphology. With this seat, Razer therefore chooses to complete its high-end catalog.

Pictures of the Razer Enki Pro gaming chair
Pictures of the Razer Enki Pro gaming chair

Let’s see if its high price is worth it.

Seat conditioning

As you already know, Razer offers with the Enki Pro a high-end seat. This can be seen as soon as you open the box. The packaging is relatively neat, for all the pieces. The larger ones (backrest, seat) are protected by plastic film and cardboard. As for the smaller ones, they are housed in pre-cut foam to fit the shape of each room.

The risk of returning with a quality defect (scratch, deformation, etc.) of one of the parts is therefore very low. On the other hand, we will also appreciate the instructions written on the cardboard and presented in a humorous way to give advice on using the seat. Not to mention the gloves provided to “improve the armor a little more”.

Small details that give a smile before starting the assembly. Negative point of this step, however, there were 2 screws left at the bottom of the box, without packaging. These were pre-mounted on the backrest but were removed during transport. In fact, it’s even 3 screws that have come out and I only found 2. Fortunately, Razer provides one last additional screw as a spare.

Mounting the Razer Enki Pro Seat

Razer states that 2 people are required to assemble the Enki Pro seat. But to tell you the truth, know that for the majority of gaming chairs, you can do it alone. you will needn about 15 minutes to ride everything solo.

The parts are relatively heavy (sign of quality), but the assembly is not complicated for all that. Once the Razer Enki Pro seat is mounted, there is a pleasant feeling of power and robustness due to its width and the plastic shell that covers the entire back of the backrest.


Recommended weight < 136 Kg
Recommended size 166.5 to 204cm
Armchair color Black and Green (received in black and blue)
Materials Synthetic leather and Alcantra
Base Aluminum
Frame Steel frame
Armrest 4D
Adjustable dorsal angle 152°
Head rests Adjustable – memory foam
Length of warranty 3 years

Adjusting the Razer Enki Pro Seat

Adjusting your seat is quite intuitive, even if some controls are not instinctively accessible. To tell you more, note that the armrests can be adjusted according to 3 parameters:

  • In Height;
  • In width (so that they are more or less close together);
  • Pivots inwards or outwards.

In addition, the pressure buttons to adjust the armrests are very well positioned. It will of course be necessary to look a little the first time to find the operation, but thereafter the adjustment of the armrests becomes child’s play. To note that it is possible to remove them by removing 2 screws.

It takes 2 minutes at most. And even with the seat, it is of course possible to come and adjust the height of the seat. Nothing new, it is a small lever to be pulled under the backrest. It is not particularly well placed on this jewel, but it is not a controller that we will come to solicit every day.

Regarding the inclination of the seat, a knob is available on the right side. To lower the backrest, you have to turn the wheel and press with your back. To return to the upright position, simply turn the wheel and a spring puts the backrest back in place. The set works very well, but the spring is still strong.

This is surely the price to pay for having a firm footing. It is also possible to adjust the resistance of the backrest, so that it tilts automatically or not when you lean on it. This is made possible thanks to a knob on the underside of the seat. Not very practical, nevertheless the setting is very effective.

Photo of the Razer Enki Pro gaming chair
Razer Enki Pro seat profile view

I was really able to choose the strength of the backrest with precision. That said, he it is not possible to adjust the seat at the lumbar level. On the other hand, the seat already has a curve that will adapt to the vast majority of morphologies. Finally, it is possible to adjust the headrest.

The latter is in magnetic shape memory. To adjust it, simply place it on the backrest. It can be raised and lowered very easily. And the magnet is strong enough that the headrest won’t move when in use. However, it seems slightly too thick to me.


The Razer Enki Pro seat is intended to be a high-end seat. And it meets the expectations regarding the finishes.
The Alcantra backrest with its cross stitching is of very good quality. The junction with the synthetic leather is perfect. And the seams of the leather are clean and well made.

The difference with the other armchairs is to be found at the back. A large plastic shell (with patterns) covers the entire back of the backrest. This gives a look of power and quality to the seat. This also adds robustness to the whole. Note therefore that the Razer Enki Pro is sold in black color with green stitching.

For my part, I have a blue and black seat. The photos are therefore different from those on their site. The inscription “Williams / Esport” present on the backrest and on the back shell is also not present on the black seat (according to the photos on their site).

Is it comfortable?

I was able to test the Razer Enki Pro seat for a few days, sitting all day or most of it (thanks telecommuting, lol). The verdict is clear, the Razer Enki Pro seat is really very comfortable. Being relatively tall (and therefore having back pain), I like firm seats, with good lumbar support.

So I adjusted my seat to suit my body perfectly. The backrest is wide enough to hug the shoulders. The weight of the seat makes it have a certain inertia. It takes a bit of force to get it moving. But on the contrary, it gives it good stability.

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