Test, opinion and presentation of the graphics tablet

For a communication freelancer like me who is permanently connected to the networks and on the lookout for new technologies on the market, I really wanted to test a graphics tablet at least once. I was initially a little skeptical, because poorly informed, I had trouble understanding the use of the tool.

In addition, it seemed extremely complicated to use so you know what they say, to clear your doubts, you have to test for yourself and it’s done! Back to basics, what is a graphics tablet actually used for? It allows you to draw, it’s a bit like the extension of your hand.

Photo of the gaomon m1230 graphics tablet
Photo of the gaomon m1230 graphics tablet

It is very popular with graphic designers, graphic designers, designers and illustrators. Simply move the pen over the tablet to see the cursor move across the computer screen. The GAOMON brand, which came straight from China, specializes in graphics tablets, and we can say that it has rather good press in the sector.

The box, the container and its design

Delivered in Kraft packaging, the carton contains the tablet, the AP32 passive pen, a USB type-C cable, a felt pouch with 8 nibs and a clip, a pen sleeve and a mini guide. The Gaomon M1230 tablet allows us to take advantage of a workspace of 25.84 cm x 16.15 cm, 12 inches diagonally which gives it a 16: 9 aspect like the dimension that can be found on a computer screen. ‘computer.

It has a very profitable and pleasant work surface. It’s very thin compared to other tablets and light enough that it’s easy to hold in one hand. On the left side are the control buttons, a central circle and three on either side.

The back is smooth, flocked with the name of the brand in a very elegant way, the connection for the USB-C cable is only made on the left side of the device. The cable is thus always visible, there is no possibility of concealing it. This may be disturbing for some.

On the other hand, anti-slip pads on the back prevent its sliding during working times.

The configuration

The process of installing the graphics tablet is relatively simple, just go to my brand’s website and download the driver and user manual for its model. I was able to start using it very easily, I have a Mac, but it is possible on Windows and also with your Android mobile phones even faster.

The performance

The Gaomon is a graphics tablet that has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, I can assure you that when you are not used to it, it surprises a lot. It’s extremely sensitive in terms of precision, we can’t change it, but I’ve adapted well, it’s not a problem.

Being a beginner in digital drawing, I was looking for a tablet with easy-to-use ergonomics and configurable keys, this is the case here. The tablet has 13 shortcut media keys that allow controlling a lot of useful commands like playing background music or freely switching between programs without interrupting the workflow, which helps to create a very comfortable working environment .

The big plus of this tablet is the ability to customize its shortcuts according to its usage habits. Being used to using some graphics software, I was able to easily learn several key combinations that I already knew. Personally, I use this type of buttons a lot to go faster.I also recommend using MediaBang Pro which is on the same level as Photoshop for drawing, but free! You can use the tablet under many drawing software: Gimp, Illustrator, Photoshop, OpenCanvas…

The pen

The AP32 passive pen is relatively intuitive and easy to use. It has 8,192 pressure levels for maximum precision and it tilts up to 60 degrees. When you are a beginner, it is important to understand how to use the stylus to have a real feeling of drawing and creation.

It is our pen, pencil or brush, because by pressing its tip on the surface of the tablet, we transcribe all our ideas. The computer will convert the drawing strokes into digital form, the report rate of 266PPS is really crazy, this report helps to establish perfect synchronization between the pen tip and the tablet.

I was quite fascinated to find no delay between the movement drawn on the tablet and the drawing displayed on the screen. Attention, not to lose it, a pocket to store it in fabric is given with the tablet.
I’m no expert, but the drawing performance with Photoshop CC is amazing. I had fun.

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