Photo de l’enceinte Teufel Motive GO

Test, opinion and presentation of the speaker

Here is another test that will undoubtedly appeal to music lovers. On the other hand, it will not be a question of presenting you with a thousandth revolutionary super helmet, but rather a beautiful bluetooth speaker.

Photo of the Teufel Motive GO speaker
Photo of the Teufel Motiv GO speaker

The splendid Motiv GO from Teufel! Apart from its beautiful design that we can clearly appreciate from the outset, the device has more than attractive features. Without further ado, let’s start this test with a little zoom on the Teufel brand!

About the brand

Teufel is a Berlin company which marks its beginnings in the 1970s, as a retailer of self-assembly loudspeaker kits and components. The high quality of its kits and its sales model are very successful. The brand’s first boutiques opened in 1980.

The brand’s speakers are acclaimed around the world thanks to highly competitive prices. They are also rapidly pioneering THX-certified home cinemas. The range continues to expand and Teufel becomes number 1 in direct sales of audio products in Europe. In 2016, it was the first company to take advantage of the Dolby Atmos license with its LT 5 Atmos column speaker. Since then, Teufel has continued to expand its offer.

Out of the box: the contents of the “Motiva Go” speaker box

Teufel Motive GO
Teufel Motiv GO

The cardboard flocked with the name of the brand is very solid, there is a Bluetooth Motiv Go wireless speaker and a power cable, there is also a relatively simple user manual. I was very impressed with its visual aspect, it is very designer, I also received it in the tones of my kitchen, a beautiful emerald green, the room where it will be stored. It is available in four colors: black, silver white, blue and green.

This nomadic speaker has a very pleasant appearance, its relatively stable aluminum chassis and its wide speaker strips make it a very stylish object. Regarding the measurements, we are on a width of 20 cm, by a height of 11 cm and a depth of 6 cm. It is also relatively light, around 900 grams, and then this weight gives it a certain reassuring robustness.

A grid with woven covering on the front and rubber feet to rest the beast. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to store it in a backpack or to hold it in your hands without fear of letting go, it is designed for nomads. Teufel is smart, it is possible for an additional €25 to provide you with a rigid black faux leather carrying case. If this little gem is as beautiful as it is efficient, this test promises to be very nice.

The care of

I really had no difficulty pairing the speaker with my phone’s Bluetooth function. Simply activate the function on your smartphone and also activate it on the side of the MOTIV GO. Once the detection is made, you will in no case need any additional software or features to download.

Also no need to create an account on the Teufel account for example. It’s appreciated. Its compatibility is on Android, IOS and Microsoft. On the other hand, some like to be able to control the speakers directly via their smartphones, here impossible! The control keys are also very elegant on the top of the device, quite classic.

That said, the “next track” and “previous track” buttons do exist, it’s quite practical and it is sometimes lacking in competitors’ speakers. A 3.5-mm input is available for cable playback. Attention music lovers in bathrooms, the speaker is only IPX5, this means that it is resistant to water splashes, but not to immersions. Watch out for sudden movements!

Usage and audio experience

Two full-range speakers and two woofers deliver outstanding stereo sound. All powered by a Class d amplifier, thus reaching 20 W RMS. The sound is relatively good and the power too. I did the test with an electro sound and a rock sound. A word of advice: do not listen at 100%, this alters the sound quality, the distortion is quite impressive! A little disappointed on that side.

The speaker has a “Dynamore” function which allows you to listen to the sound with a 360 degree effect in the room, it acts on the diffusion of the sound, it’s quite nice and it gives a real dimension to the listening , I advise you not to remove this function during your listening. It also lacks a bit of balance between treble and midrange, sometimes details are missing on some tracks. Nothing dramatic but my sharp ear noticed it.

The quality is good on sounds that pulsate in energy, conversely, classical and jazz are more muffled. Finally, the MOTIV GO impresses with its energetic power, but with songs requiring more technical mastery it is more complicated to follow.


The brand announces an autonomy of around 16 hours in operation, I carried out the test and it lasted around 15 hours with an average output power. I imagine the figure drops by pushing a little. Charging to my surprise is only via coaxial, no USB-C or even USB; It’s relatively surprising as a proposal for a nomadic speaker by the brand.

Multipoint and AptX function

The Teufel Motiv Go speaker incorporates a Multipoint connection it calls “Party Mode”, this function allows you to connect two phones or tablets and read the flow of each of them in turn. The integration of the AptX code gives the speaker good control of the connection quality. The speaker also incorporates a microphone, for hands-free use and for voice assistance of the type (Siri/Google Assistant).

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