Test, opinion and presentation of the sweeping vacuum cleaner

For lovers of functional household appliances, JIMMY is one of the reference brands. It has made a name for itself through its constant search for improvement, with ever more innovative vacuum cleaners that are above all suitable for all budgets.

Photo of the JIMMY HW10 sweeping vacuum cleaner
Photo of the JIMMY HW10 sweeping vacuum cleaner

The JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner ranks among the brand’s most elaborate models. Functional and intelligent at the same time, it stands out as the perfect household appliance.

JIMMY HW10 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner: vacuums, cleans and washes

Gone are the days of vacuum cleaners that were only used to vacuum and clean. Today, a vacuum worthy of the name must combine at least 3 functions to be classified in the range of ultra functional devices. This conditionality, the JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner fulfills it perfectly by being a perfect 3 in 1.

The vacuum function

Vacuuming is the basic function of a good vacuum cleaner. What’s special about the JIMMY HW10 is its suction power which outperforms it well above average. Indeed, this device is equipped with a digital motor whose power is estimated at 350 Watts. This gives it a suction capacity of 18,000 Pa.

Thanks to this suction power, the JIMMY HW10 is able to vacuum any surface and all types of dirt, whether crumbs or food scraps, dust, dead leaves or even sand.

Moreover, the device has an automatic suction adjustment function that allows you to adjust the suction power to the type of surface being cleaned. Thus, depending on whether the vacuum cleaner sucks hard floors, rugs or carpets, its suction pressure is not the same.

The cleaner function

The JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner has the merit of also being a cleaner. Thanks to this, the device is dedicated to both dry cleaning and wet cleaning. For this purpose, it is equipped with 3 brush heads and 2 professional level brush rolls.

With these various equipment, the device is used to clean carpets and walls, but also sofas and mattresses. The device automatically adjusts to corners and edges. Its cleaning capacity is such that it leaves no trace after cleaning on the walls.

Moreover, the JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning mode thanks to which the brush roll cleans itself by simply pressing a dedicated button. In addition to self-cleaning, the brush is also capable of self-drying to be ready for use and limit the spread of germs and bad odors.

The mop function

In addition to the functions of vacuum cleaner and cleaner, the JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner also functions as a mop. For this, it has been provided with a clean water tank and a water sprayer that can work together with the mopping function to wash different hard surfaces. When the water is sprayed, the brush rollers suck it up and wring it out into a tank of dirty water. As the cleaning progresses, it must then be emptied.

JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner: a device at the cutting edge of technology

You would have understood it ! The JIMMY HW10 vacuum cleaner is a real concentrate of features. However, what also sets it apart from other models of its generation is the different technologies with which it has been equipped, which classifies it as a smart vacuum cleaner.

A wireless device

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the JIMMY HW10 ranks in the range of cordless vacuum cleaners. It gives it an autonomy of 80 minutes depending on the power of use. You can therefore use it for the complete cleaning of your home.

A vacuum cleaner with OLCD display

As a cordless vacuum cleaner, the JIMMY HW10 has been equipped with an OLCD display screen through which it is possible to access all the information of use: mode (suction, cleaning or washing), battery level, dirty water tank level, etc.

A voice-activated vacuum cleaner

This JIMMY vacuum cleaner has a smart voice reminder which, as the name suggests, gives you reminders about using the device. The voice command reminds you:

  • when the clean water tank is empty and needs to be refilled;
  • when to empty the dirty water tank.

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