Test, opinion and presentation of the unbreakable smartphone

An unbreakable smartphone, who wouldn’t dream of it? From dream to reality, there is only one step with this DOOGEE V20 smartphone which ranks in the category of unbreakable mobile phones, in addition to being one of the most modern of its generation in terms of features.

Picture of DOOGEE v20
Picture of the DOOGEE v20 DOOGEE v20

Structure, operating system, storage, battery let’s review everything that makes this smartphone an exceptional device.

DOOGEE V20: Design and structure

When we say of a smartphone that it is unbreakable, what should we expect concretely? In the case of the DOOGEE V20, the device is characterized by a structure that is both ultra robust and light.

Robustness and durability

The material used on the back of the device is Kevlar, a material whose modulus of elasticity is so high that it is used for the manufacture of devices in the field of wind turbines, automobiles or aeronautics. .

A smartphone that resists the worst weather conditions, water splashes and dust, in addition to being light, that sums up the DOOGEE V20. Its protection index oscillates between IP68 and IP69K, which corresponds to the certification level of the American army. The device can thus withstand a 30-minute immersion in water at more than 1.5 meters.

The carbon fiber-like texture of this material, in addition to giving the device a soft touch, makes it highly scratch-resistant. The use of this material makes the DOOGEE V20 one of the most robust devices of its generation, far ahead of metal models.

Lightness and finesse

In addition to its robustness, Kevlar shines with its extreme lightness. Indeed, the use of carbon fiber makes the device lose nearly 30% of its weight. In addition, its cutout has been designed to facilitate a good grip.

The device weighs less 300 g, or 296 g more precisely while in terms of thickness, it is only 14 mm, or less than 1.5 cm. But we will still add that the received model is not very comfortable, because it is a bit heavy and big. It is apparently not designed for women to acquire and feel comfortable with.

DOOGEE V20: display

You might think that the DOOGEE V20 is innovative only with this ultra-robust structure. However, the manufacturer has taken the experience much further, especially in terms of the display by equipping the smartphone with two screens.

State-of-the-art AMOLED FHD main screen

The DOOGEE V20 has been featured with a 6.43 inch AMOLED FHD display. Its particularity is to offer a high quality rendering of colours, contrasts and luminosity. If the resolution is 1080×2400, the screen contrast is set to 80000:1. As for the pixel density, it is 409PPI.

The particularity of an AMOELD screen is the high level of color saturation. Added to this is the DotDisplay functionality. Thanks to it, the device offers a relatively large viewing, and this, regardless of the viewing angle.

A mini rear screen for displaying notifications

The innovation with the display of this smartphone is not limited to the characteristics of its main screen. Indeed, the DOOGEE V20 has been equipped with a 2n/a screen located at the back, right next to the camera.

From the top of its 1.05 inch, this screen displays certain notifications in this case the time, the date, the battery level, the messages or the audio tracks, which saves you from having to consult the main screen .

DOOGEE V20: operating system and storage

Technologically, the DOOGEE V20 has, it seems, nothing to envy to the smartphones of its generation.

The power of a next-generation processor

The device is put at least on the basis of Android 11 operating system. It has been equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 700 octa-core, 700 Octa Core, 7 nm processor and 2.2 GHz speed.

A large storage smartphone

In terms of memory, the DOOGEE V20 is no slouch either. In terms of its RAM, we are on an 8 GB model when its internal memory has a capacity of 256 GB. Clearly, the device has enough to allow you to download and run all kinds of apps without issue or store large media files. Speaking of multimedia, what does the DOOGEE V20 actually offer?

DOOGEE V20: multimedia

Like new generation smartphones, DOOGEE V20 has been equipped with dual cameras: a front camera and rear cameras.

The front camera

On the front of DOOGEE V20 is a 16 MP front camera. Its particularity is to be discreetly integrated into the phone screen. It absolutely does not encumber the surface of the phone and therefore does not disturb the user experience.

In addition to its discretion, this selfie camera produces very good quality images, thanks to the magic of ultra high resolution. It is also she who allows unlocking of the smartphone by facial recognition from multiple angles in a nineteenth of a second.

It should still be noted that the device can also be unlocked by fingerprint, installed on the side of the phone and not on the back as is the case with most recent smartphones.

Triple rear camera

On the back of DOOGEE V20 is a 64 MP, 20 MP and 8 MP triple camera with built-in AI. Supporting dual flashes, the 64 MP main camera features an F/1.8 aperture of plus or minus 5% and a 90° field of view. It is therefore able to capture images very precisely.

The secondary 20 MP camera functions as a night vision camera. With an F/1.8 aperture of plus or minus 5%, it is compatible with a SONY sensor chip® IMX350, for a field of view is 80%.

Supporting 4 infrared night vision lights, it allows you to have beautiful images, in the dark and even in the worst weather conditions, without losing quality. As for the 8 MP sensor, it serves as a macro lens, that is to say, it allows the device to take images in a close way, with a maximum magnification ratio without loss of quality.

DOOGEE V20: Connectivity

As a latest generation device, the DOOGEE V20 smartphone is compatible with all existing cellular technologies (4G/3G/2G) and even 5G. All the connectivity of the smartphone is based on its compatibility with 5G.

Ultra-fast internet browsing

The 5G signal provides the device with an ultra-fast, latency-free connection, ideal for most activities that require it, whether it’s online gaming or video streaming.

A dual SIM compatible with 5G

Since the device is a dual SIM model, it supports either a nano SIM and a memory card or a dual nano SIM 5G.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5G connectivity

Regarding the Bluetooth of the DOOGEE, we are dealing with a version 5.1. As for Wi-Fi, it is just as compatible with 4G as with 5G.

DOOGEE V20: Autonomy

The DOOGEE V20 smartphone has been equipped with a 6000 mAh battery. In normal use, the battery can last between 2 and 3 days. In intensive use, the autonomy is about 28 hours. On the other hand, when the device is on standby, the autonomy goes up to 18 days.

In addition to the fact that it provides the device with a very good autonomy, the battery is compatible with OTG reverse charging. The smartphone’s 33W Type-CUSB interface is compatible with any 11V Type-C 3A charger, which provides fast charging in just 1 hour.

The DOOGEE V20 Smartphone in Brief

You don’t have to be a professional to understand how the technical characteristics of the DOOGEE V20 make it an exceptional device. At the end of this very flattering presentation, here is our opinion on the device.

An exceptional UHD photo mode

The Doogee V20 phone offers excellent resolution with its camera, both front and back. Also, it should be noted that in each photo, it highlights the sharp colors giving a perfect touch to each image. The portrait option is another important point to mention since the photos are taken with a good resolution.

An economical device despite a display at the top

With this ultra-sophisticated display, with two screens, one would have thought that the DOOGEE V20 would be very energy-intensive. However, there is nothing. The manufacturer has managed the feat of making a very economical state-of-the-art smartphone.

The AMOLED screen has high color saturation, and each pixel emits light independently, which is more power and energy-saving than ordinary screens, and the screen response is more sensitive. In addition to all this, it is a question ofa phone with a superb battery.

When it is fully charged, it can last from 1 to three days and this is an important specificity to highlight on the Doogee V20.

Excellent value for money

Robust, aesthetic, autonomous and at the cutting edge of technology, the DOOGEE V20 has nothing to envy to high-end devices. Its value for money is exceptional.

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