Test, opinion and presentation of the video projector

Today we are going to present to you one of the best video projectors of the moment. This is XGIMI’s Horizon Pro, the brand’s latest high-end projector.

Picture of XGIMI Horizon Pro Projector
Photo of the XGIMI Horizon Pro projector

Between its quality images, its included speakers or even its automatic functions, this nugget has something to impress more than one… In short, I’ll give you all the details without further ado.

XGIMI Horizon Pro Projector Datasheet

Model Horizon Pro
RAM size 2 GB
Screen resolution 4K Ultra HD Pixels
Connectivity type Bluetooth and WiFi
Connectors 3.5 mm audio, 2 USB 2.0 sockets, 2 HDMI sockets, Ethernet
Dimensions LxWxH 20.8 x 21.8 x 13.6 centimeters
Weight 2.9kg

A portable and easily installable device, to carry everywhere with you

The spotlight has a cubic shape, with rounded contours and a slightly gridded gray metal finish in black, the only one available in this range. With its dimensions of 20.80 centimeters in depth, 21.80 centimeters in width and 13.60 centimeters in height, XGIMI’s latest baby is small and compact: very easy to move.

In addition, it is very easy to install in inconvenient corners (at home I installed it from the headboard which has built-in shelves, perfect for a movie night under the duvet). You can take it with you without too much bulk and for a minimal weight of 2.90 kg. On the top of the projector are the 4 touch controls that can control powering the device, adjusting the sound and pausing the current playlist.

At the back you will find various connectors such as the power socket, an ethernet socket, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI 2.0b ports, an optical digital audio output (SPDIF) and a mini-jack audio output. In terms of accessories, it’s pretty simplistic. The packaging only contains the power supply for the projector with its remote control (provide you with AAA batteries because they are not included in it!) and a user guide.

A very easy handling: no waste of time at XGIMI!

With the few accessories provided, the connection is simple and quick, no need to know where to install it to optimize it at best and to be sure that the projection area is flat and white enough to make the most of it! Personally I don’t have a projection screen but a simple white wall already makes the experience incredible.

The first ignition is also incredibly fast and the presets waste no time. Connect to wifi and register your Google account if you wish, but other than pairing the remote and selecting the language, you won’t be asked many questions. The focus of the image is done by itself and you will not need to touch anything.

Thanks to the HDMI sockets, connect your television box or your computer to see life on the big screen! You also have USB sockets to connect a keyboard if you prefer keys rather than remote control (very practical when we are asked for our codes on each application or when we search the internet directly via the projector interface).

Speaking of interface, we are here under Android 10. The majority of mainstream applications are already installed (Disney +, Canal, Prime Video, Youtube, Molotov Tv…). If you want something more, the Google Playstore is available. However, the most surprising thing about the XGIMI Horizon Pro is that Netflix is ​​not compatible with the device!

For a device of this price and range, it’s really a regrettable anomaly not to have the most well-known streaming platform… XGIMI is well aware of this problem because you will also find in the box of the projector a small leaflet explaining the steps to access it but in a roundabout way, but without the same fluidity of the application: too bad.

Image and sound quality: movie night in sight

With high-quality 4K HDR content, the images are really detailed, almost cinematic, if you have a good screen to project the image and above all a quality source (and yes, it will not work miracles on the pixelated images, on the contrary). Day or night, the quality is there with its 2200 lumens.

The size of the projected image can go up to 200 inches but above all, the projection parameters are automatic and adjust quickly over large or small distances. The focus is done without you having to do anything and icing on the cake, you can even correct the distortion in a single manipulation.

And this, even if your device is not exactly opposite but it projects at an angle of less than 45°. In addition, the automatic distortion correction allows you to have a rectangular image on the screen or the projection wall! The Horizon Pro’s built-in speakers are from Harman Kardon and the sound quality is just fine for movie night.

This can replace a sound bar as long as the projector is placed within your reach, especially since the device does not make a lot of noise. However, this is not the equivalent of real Home Cinema equipment to switch to Dolby Atmos: true purists will therefore have to provide themselves with good equipment for sound.

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