[Test] Roidmi Eve Plus (Xiaomi): an excellent robot vacuum cleaner with sterilizer manifold at a reasonable price

Roidmi (Xiaomi) is therefore entering the robot vacuum (and cleaner) market with the Roidmi Eve More, a model that remains faithful to the brand’s aggressive pricing positioning. On paper, the Roidmi Eve Plus offers the total for an almost indecent price: automatic bin emptier acting as a charger, LiDAR (Laser range finder), suction power of 2700 Pa, complete app, it does not lack a priori much to the panoply of Eve Plus to fight on an equal footing with manufacturers positioned one or even two notches above in terms of pricing (iRobot, Neato, etc.). But what is it really in real conditions of use?

Discreet, and easy to install

The Roidmi Eve Plus arrived in two separate packages, one for the charging station which also does the automatic emptying, another for the robot vacuum itself. The look of these two devices remains of course functional, but Roidmi has still made a real effort on the aesthetic aspect. With its glossy white finish, the Roidmi Eve Plus can really be placed in the corner of a room (including a living room) without staining in the “landscape”.

Roidmi Eve Plus 1

The installation of the bouzin is of a simplicity almost worthy of Apple: we plug in the terminal, we position the Roidmi just in front, we press the large button located right next to the LiDAR, and the latter joins the terminal to start its recharge. Ah, we can also pair the Eve Plus with the Android and iOS mobile app, but we’ll talk about all that later, especially since that’s really not the device’s strong point.

Roidmi Eve Plus 4

Real plug-and-clean

First launch of a suction routine: a press on the large button, and the Roidmi takes off from its base in order to meticulously clean each part. In our configuration, the Eve Plus has the elbow room to make space in a living room, the latter adjoining a dining room, which itself opens onto a hallway that goes to the entrance and the kitchen. The effectiveness of LiDAR is immediately noticeable: the Roidmi Eve Plus does not miss anything and above all systematically passes twice over the same area. Each room is treated in its entirety, the device being blocked only by undersides of furniture that are too low (the Eve Plus is 9 cm high). If you have to pay attention to curtains or hanging threads, the Roidmi is not afraid of rugs and small ledges. The machine went smoothly from the hallway to the kitchen, while the two rooms are separated by a small ledge of 1.5 cm.

It doesn’t miss a thing … in standard mode

Dining room, living room, hallway then kitchen, the Roidmi Eve Plus will finally have sucked into each room from its first “run”, forgetting only a very small percentage of the dust accumulated in certain hard-to-reach corners. And in almost 15 minutes please! Once the areas have been cleaned, the Roidmi announces aloud its return to the terminal, and again, it is flawless. Forget about the first robot vacuum cleaners that had to be “helped” a little so that they were properly positioned on the terminal. We still note the greater efficiency of the standard cleaning mode, admittedly a little slower (which is quite relative if you don’t have the Palace of Versailles to clean), but really more efficient than the Boost mode ( which is also noisier to make matters worse).

Roidmi Eve Plus 2

An efficient automatic drain … and noisy

There remains one unfortunate point, the noise. Not that the Roidmi Eve Plus is particularly noisy: of the three robot vacuum cleaners that we have already had in our hands, the Eve Plus turned out to be the least noisy of all (60 db all the same). On the other hand, the automatic drain makes a terrible noise, as if you were standing next to an Airbus taking off (I’m hardly exaggerating). Fortunately, this drain only lasts a handful of seconds.

Integrated sterilizer

Regarding the emptying again, it should be noted that it leaves a little dirt at the bottom of the robot’s collector (the latter has a HEPA filter). Not much there again, but it is still notable. Good point, however, the automatic collector-emptier has its own sterilization unit (or here self-sterilization). Rather important in these times of pandemic and dirty germs that hang out in all corners. If we are to believe the tests carried out by Roidmi, nearly 86% of the Escherichia Coli germs are eliminated during this phase, or even 98% of the benzene particles. Last point concerning the automatic emptying machine, its large capacity (3 liters), which means that it does not have to be emptied until after about ten cleaning sessions.

Roidmi Eve Plus 7

Leaching on the ground: inconclusive

So let’s move on to the two annoying points. The robot’s cleaning function is easy to implement. A little soapy water in the small dedicated tray, the addition of the small accessory-wipe, and let’s go! However, the real usefulness of this function is not immediately obvious. The robot does not vibrate, does not detect the elements on the ground and therefore does not linger on the dirt a little clinging, which makes it more of a “finisher” (a little bit of polish with soapy water) than a real surface cleaner.

Roidmi Eve Plus 6

An unusable iOS app

Let’s also talk about the app, or what should be the app. It was indeed impossible for us to pair the Roidmi Eve Plus with the iPhone 12, and the app’s extremely poor rating on the App Store indicates that the latter suffers from many crippling bugs. Let’s be clear, it’s not really a drama in the case of this Roidmi Eve Plus which cleans everything very well with a single press on its central button, but we still miss some functions that are only available via the app. (Do Not Disturb mode for example), not to mention that the app allows you to display the “cartography” of the robot during its cleaning, which is pretty cool. These very big bugs are a bit of a task overall and force us not to give the ultimate score of 9/10.

Roidmi Eve Plus 5 E1626251406417

Very autonomous

Let’s end on a very good note this time, autonomy: admittedly, the Roidmi recharges to 100% in almost 4 hours, but we will probably never have to wait all this time if the surface to be cleaned is less than 100 m2 (there will be enough charge left in the robot for it to be ready to go again, often after less than an hour of charging). The autonomy of the Eve Plus is 3 hours in standard mode and 2 hours in boost mode (but forget about boost mode), which is simply huge for this type of device.

Roidmi Eve Plus 3

Conclusion: an explosive value for money

Complete, ultra easy to use, autonomous and a priori very robust, this Roidmi Eve Plus would undoubtedly have won the almost perfect score if the cleaning function was not at this accessory point, not to mention an iOS app in a rather shameful state. . It is a real shame that the software support is also lacking with this manufacturer, even though the Eve Plus manages to change the overall situation in terms of value for money.

The Roidmi Eve Plus (made by xiaomi) is available at 345 € instead of 467 € on AliExpress (delivery from a warehouse in France – 30 € additional reduction at the moment with the code FRJUI030 ).

You will also find it on Amazon at 422 € (by applying coupon of 30 € + by adding the promo code EJZ283TC), on Cdiscount (€ 402), fnac (€ 402) and Darty (€ 419).

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