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Test the compatibility of a game with your PC in 3 steps

The PC is an excellent platform for the game. Scalable, it can be particularly powerful if you have a good configuration. On the other hand, you have to know which games can run on your PC, and above all, under what conditions. If the question does not arise for game consoles, here it is a little different. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here’s how to make sure a game is compatible with your computer.

PC Gamer

the Pc is a must when it comes to to play video games. The configurations and combinations of components are almost endless and the performance can also be vastly superior to that of the latest consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

On the other hand, not all gaming PCs are created equal, as the combinations of components vary from one to another. That’s why you have to know how know the exact configuration of your PC and if it is compatible with a particular game. Indeed, a PC which will not be powerful enough will not be able to correctly run the most modern games.

So, how do you know your PC configuration and how to test the compatibility of a game with your PC? That’s what we’ll see in this easy tutorial.

How do I know the config of my PC?

Before even trying to find out if your PC is compatible with a game, the ideal is to know the configuration of your PC. There are several methods for this. We are going to give you the easiest and most complete method.

You can already start by going to Windows > Settings > System > System information. The fault with this display is that it is too lean. It only contains essential information about your PC (processor, Windows version number, etc.) which is not sufficient.

However, the best solution to know the exact configuration of your PC is to use a third party program. There are dozens of them, but we recommend the free Speccy software.

You will find here all the information on your PC. The operating system, the processor, its technology and temperature, RAM, speed and CAT, motherboard, graphics card and temperature, your screen, refresh rate and current resolution, your storage, etc. It is extremely practical. Note that you can also access detailed information for each component in the menu on the left.

How do I know the system requirements of a game?

Now that you know what’s going on with your machine, you just have to get to the heart of the matter and find the minimum and recommended configurations of the game that you covet.

For this, several solutions are available to you. The oldest of us will tell you to look behind the box for the game in the store, but as you know, those days are over. You can generally find all the minimum and recommended configurations of a game:

  • On the game publisher’s website.
  • On the distribution platform (Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, etc.) by going to the game page and generally going down to the section Required configuration.

With this valuable information in hand, all you have to do is compare it with the configuration of your PC that you now know. But another, more precise solution exists.

How do I know if my PC is compatible with a game?

Alternatively, there are now several websites that can give you a good indication of the compatibility of your PC with many games, recent or old. One of these tools is called Can You Run It, you will find it at this address.

Its operation is simple. Type the name of the game in Search for a game, install the Distribution.exe software and watch the results which will be displayed on the website directly. The scan will automatically collect information about your system’s hardware and software. Information such as processor, processor speed, operating system version, RAM, graphics card, sound card, DirectX version, etc. will be recovered.

System Requirements Lab, the company behind this tool, announces that it does not collect any personally identifiable information.

We tried it out with Battlefield 2042 and here are the results.

If the result for Minimum is positive (green check mark), you will be able to run the game, but not necessarily under ideal conditions (drops of frames per second, slowdowns, etc.). For optimal playing comfort, it is preferable to have a positive result for the test Recommended. The site also displays if your graphics card, your CPU, RAM, operating system is compatible and if you have enough disk space.

Now you know how to know your PC configuration and its compatibility with the games you covet. If all the indicators are red, it is surely that you do not have a machine designed for gaming. Also find our tutorial to find out if your PC is powerful enough to play video games.

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