Test The Last of Us Part I, the same in (much) better?

We discover the remake of The Last of Us for PS5 with fear in our stomachs and stars in our eyes. Is this new version worth it?

If PlayStation gamers are asked, The Last of Us is one of the most beloved and heartbreaking video game franchises the company has ever created. The release of the second opus in 2020 had caused a lot of ink to flow, in an extremely positive way. As the new generation of consoles begins to take over from the old, many titles are being offered visual and performance improvements. The Last of Us so don’t escape it.

Sony offers us a remake of the first opus, which is being renamed The Last of Us Part I for the occasion, to better stick to the trademark of its suite. For the sake of consistency, therefore, but also the desire to do well, PlayStation delivers a completely reworked version of the game that had marked us so much, with the program of numerous alterations to the level of the decorations, the characters, the gameplay or even the narration. Are these changes up to the promised experience, or is this the remake too much? The answer in this test of The Last of Us Part I.

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Credits: Sony

In this test of The Last of Us Part I, we will not dwell on the story of the original game, which has remained unchanged for all these years. Two passages under the knife of Naughty Dog will therefore not have altered this jewel of narration, which we recommend to all players even today. The biggest part of the remake work concerns the visual aspect of the title, which is the real star of the day.

From the first minutes of play, the difference is felt: some characters have changed heads, others have had a facelift, while still others have become more expressive and textured. The work is all the more remarkable on the characters of Joel, Ellie or even Tess. Everyone’s visual identity is fully respected, and it is even honored with graphics closer to reality, more convincing morphologies and breathtaking facial animations. Even their clothes are entitled to some welcome alterations.

The sets are also familiar but never really identical, and we are surprised to imagine ourselves in the heart of an action film as the animations are so fluid. Visually it is flawless. Ray tracing, a great innovation of recent years, brings more depth and realism to sets already sublimated by the Naughty Dog teams. Once again, the textures are more persuasive and the studio is focusing on the details, which ultimately makes a big difference.

Sure, The Last of Us Part I is not free from flaws, however minor. Some scenes still carry the vintage aura of the game’s first edition, in their design or flow, and there are a few display glitches here and there, a commonality with any such colossal adventure game. Nothing that can manage to spoil our pleasure to find this adventure in the best way.

A new immersion

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Credits: Sony

All these visual changes taken together allow the game to have a better immersion throughout the story. The update of the colorimetry, which is noticeable from the welcome screen, allows us, for example, to accentuate the gravity of a situation, or to give it an even more macabre and disturbing tone, which has an effect directly on the emotions provided to the players.

This background work not only makes things even more excellent in themselves, but also offers more consistency with the second opus in terms of feeling. We are also entitled to a small overhaul of the controls and accessibility settings, which obviously gain in fluidity and comfort of play. The changes are barely perceptible to anyone who skims over the game, but they are still welcome.

Immersion also includes support for 3D audio and DualSense features. The latter is well supported, both in terms of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The sensations are undeniable and bring real depth to the gameplay, especially during moments of anxiety. Despite everything, we would have liked Naughty Dog to push the plug a little further and put the slider to the maximum. So far, no other game has yet managed to match the fabulous Astro’s Playroom in its use of the new generation controller.

The only real negative point of this remake remains its price… for old players. So certainly, the changes are there, and they are damn effective, in addition to being relevant and well executed. Nevertheless, those who have already enjoyed the experience once full pot should have the possibility of repeating it at a lower cost, at least in an ideal world. For the rest, the price remains very correct for a real new generation experience as we like them.

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