trivia quest jeu interactif netflix

test your G culture with this new interactive Trivia game

On April 1, Netflix plans to release an interactive Trivia Quest quiz, and no, it’s not a joke.

In the world of gaming, Netflix took a while to get started, but now the firm does not stop. After releasing 14 mobile games, the Red N is increasingly investing in hybrid interactive productions. As Bandersnatch – the special episode of black-mirror – Netflix promises the arrival of two new interactive titles, including one that we have already told you about.

1er april, will be released Trivia Questa quiz largely inspired by the games Trivia Crack Where Trivia Crack Adventure on mobiles. In Trivia Quest, the goal is to help Willy, the little central character, to save his friends who have been imprisoned by the terrible Rocky. A simplistic staging that will require you to correctly answer questions of general culture to be able to release the representatives of the different categories.

From this information, it seems that this game will consist of episodes, which you can replay in different difficulty levels to earn more points and thus free all the inhabitants of Trivia Land. This therefore means that, like all good things, it will certainly come to an end. But, as often, Netflix likes to play on the mystery and leads us to believe that Trivia Quest should completely blend into the universe of the platform.

At the end of the trailer, we are even entitled to the surprise appearance of the demogorgon, the famous mythological creature popularized by the series. Stranger Things. Knowing that on Netflix there are already two mobile games Stranger Things, we are not immune to a collaboration between the two worlds. Who knows, the firm may release themed DLCs each time with new sets of questions?

Available in less than a month

For the moment, Netflix has not yet said anything about it, so we will have to wait for the release of Trivia Quest to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, you can always find another interactive game named pilferer. This is a cartoon in which you must guide a thief cat throughout his mission, which consists of stealing works of art.

Thought by the creator of the episode Bandersnatch, it uses exactly the same principle. at certain key moments in the adventure, you will be asked questions, and two choices will be available. At the slightest mistake, it’s the end… or almost. In reality, even if he is a cat and should therefore have 9 lives, the pilferer only has 3. As Bandersnatchyou will have the possibility to unlock 6 different endings, so do not hesitate to start again.

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