Thanks to the players, Fortnite will make a record donation to support Ukraine

In just 24 hours, Epic Games has raised tens of millions of dollars to help Ukraine.

After launching the new season of fortnite, Epic Games has once again taken a stand in support of Ukraine. The video game studio has indeed indicated that for the next two weeks (i.e. until April 3), all purchases made in game will be donated to charities supporting humanitarian actions in Ukraine.

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of this event, the generosity of the players was not long in coming: in barely a day, Epic Games has already announced that it has collected $36 million to support Ukraine. A figure that should increase further over the days: from March 20 to April 3, all real money purchases made on the game will automatically turn into donations. This concerns purchases of V-Bucks, but also cosmetic packs. The Xbox version of Fortnite also made a similar move, which should push the prize pool up a bit more in the days to come.

In addition to this initiative, Epic said in a blog post that it would donate the amount raised as soon as possible to support the country’s humanitarian emergency. Concretely, the company will not wait for the funds to arrive in its cash drawers, the transactions generally taking a certain period of time to be validated by the financial partners and the payment platforms.

Ukrainian support is accelerating

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, many players in the video game industry have affirmed their support for Ukraine. In addition to Epic, Sony, Twitch, EA Games and CD Red Projekt had already made the decision to withdraw their services from Russia. In general, many companies have chosen to leave the Kremlin in recent weeks, despite Vladimir Putin’s ultimatum to decriminalize piracy, nationalize certain private firms, and banish those who have not returned to the Russia by the end of April.

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