That’s it, the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions are here!

Video games are adored by several categories of people. This is not surprising given the array of games available and designed to appeal to every category of people. Examples include role-playing games, platform games, first-person shooters, etc. Given the number of its followers, it is normal that the video game sector is disputed by the biggest names in the industry like Sony and Microsoft.

Competitiveness is therefore essential between these two companies. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has continued to evolve over its four years of existence, making it a weapon in a world where Sony dominates. It has just announced its response to this flagship service. There are three subscription levels.

PlayStation Plus revamp and two new levels added

First, Sony removed the PlayStation Now service. He combined it with PlayStation Plus. Second, two new tiers have been added: PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium. They will be available first in Asia, then in North America, then in Europe and the rest of the world will follow.

Regarding PlayStation Essential, it is none other than PlayStation Plus and it is at $9.99 (8.98 euros). As for the PlayStation Plus Extra, it has the same advantages as Essential, plus 400 PS4 or PS5 games and the possibility of downloading games. This service has a monthly cost of $14.99 (13.47 euros). The third level includes the advantages offered by the first two with a bonus of 340 games including some PS3 titles through cloud streaming. This level will also have a list of classic games available in download and streaming options as well as game trials to be able to test them before a possible purchase. PlayStation Plus Premium is $17.99 (16.17 euros) per month.

The difference between Sony and Xbox Game Pass offers

To sum up Sony’s latest services, the more you spend, the more the offers are accessible. Xbox Game Pass has a lot to offer for a little less money than that. There is the basic Game Pass and the other Ultimate which combines absolutely everything.

In addition, Ultimate offers online games, online game catalogs, oldies games (games from before), streaming and mobile streaming. As for the PlayStation Plus Premium, it presents all of that to gamers except mobile streaming. In addition, Sony’s new products will not be immediately available in its services, unlike those of Microsoft.


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