that’s why it was impossible to see something in episode 7

House of The Dragon Season 1 continues and the plot gets darker and darker. However, the spectators were able to see with episode 7 that the story was not the only one to darken, the image too! But don’t worry, your TV is fine. Rather, it is necessary to point the finger at the director and the compression of HBO.

House of The Dragon Darkness
Credits: HBO

If you look carefully at House of The Dragon, the Games of Thrones spin-off, you’ve probably jumped on episode 7 released this Monday, October 3, 2022 in France, via OCS. Or you may have watched it while going through an illegal alternative.

Anyway, you may have wondered if your TV was not totally broken discovering the particularly dark images of this episode. Rest assured, your TV is fine, it is just a victim of the work of the director of this episode, namely Miguel Sapochnik.

The director of The Long Night strikes again

If you are a fan of Games of Thrones, you may know this filmmaker, who signed several cult episodes of the series such as the Battle of the Bastards, but especially The Long Night. This episode, epic at will, brings together almost all the characters in a dantesque confrontation to defeat the Night King, the King of the Night.

During its broadcast, this episode had been talked about for a long time, but not for the right reasons. Indeed, many spectators around the world had complained about the awful light of this episode, to absent subscribers. And obviously, House of The Dragon Episode 7 got the same treatment…

Already at the time, Miguel Sapochnik had assured that the ambient darkness of The Long Night was an artistic choice, and not a technical failure or a lack of know-how. Here again, HBO replied the same, assuring that it is a “intentional creative choice”. The chain then made it known that less than 1% of the messages posted on social networks in connection with episode 7 were about the lack of light.

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A lack of respect towards the spectators?

Nevertheless, and as our colleagues from The Verge site remind us, we can’t help but think that the filmmaker doesn’t think for a second about what his episode will look like on your smartphone screen, your tablet, your laptop or your TV. For those who don’t know, each episode of a series goes through the editing room before it is broadcast.

Usually, editing rooms include a perfectly calibrated OLED reference monitor capable of displaying incredible grayscale and black ranges. Which is not really the case with most screens available to us.

That’s why editing rooms don’t just have a $30,000 monitor, there’s also a perfectly calibrated OLED TV in a darkened room, so you can get a taste of the final render on a “traditional” TV. ”, hear that we can find in an individual.

Only and even if you have a dark room and an OLED TV of this caliber, HBO’s compression can also affect image quality. This compression inevitably results in data loss. Incidentally, the director of photography for The Long Night, Fabian Wagner, had blamed HBO compression while ensuring that the fault was also on the spectators, unable to put themselves in the optimal conditions to enjoy this episode. But obviously, HBO like Miguel Sapochnik do not dwell on details of this kind.

Source: The Verge

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