The 10 best action series on Netflix

Action, adrenaline and twists, there’s no shortage of series of this genre on Netflix! The streaming giant has quite a few in its catalog, you won’t know where to turn. After the action films, we offer you a small selection of best action series on netflix. You will enjoy !

Here is our selection of the best action series to watch on Netflix

Avatar the Last Airbender (2005) – 3 seasons

In a world where some humans master one of the four elements, Aang, 12, is the Avatar: he is able to master water, air, earth and fire at the same time. Its role is to maintain the balance between the masters of the four elements. But Aang disappears for a hundred years and the Fire Nation takes the opportunity to sow chaos and destruction. Helped by his friends, Aang will have to learn to master the four elements and become stronger to stop the Fire Nation and restore peace.

Gotham (2014) – 5 seasons

Discover the city of Gotham City before the advent of Batman! It all starts with a horrific murder: that of Thomas and Martha Wayne, a couple of humanist billionaires, who are killed in front of their young son, Bruce. The case is entrusted to Inspector James Gordon who swears to find the culprits. But easier said than done in a city where crime reigns supreme. Especially when this dark affair triggers a real war between Gotham’s gangs.

Frontier (2016) – 3 seasons

In the 18th century, in North America, a merciless war opposed trappers and entrepreneurs to control the fur trade in Canada. The series mainly follows Declan Harp: considered an outlaw, the latter fiercely militates to break the monopoly exercised by the Hudson’s Bay Company on this lucrative trade. But his enemies do not intend to let it go. They will stop at nothing to try to eliminate Declan and his allies.

Shooter Sniper (2016) – 3 seasons

This thrilling, action-packed series follows Bob Lee Swagger, a former US Marines sniper. Bob is one of the best and is called upon to thwart an assassination attempt on the President of the United States. But everything changes when it is the one from Ukraine who is killed and it is Bob who is accused of the murder. Understanding that he has been trapped, he will do everything to prove his innocence and find the real culprits who have an interest in hiding well.

Money Heist (2017) – 5 seasons

A grandiose and breathless robbery, that’s what awaits you in this series. It all starts when a mysterious man nicknamed “The Professor” recruits eight of the best criminals in Spain to rob the National Currency and Stamp Factory. They planned to do it in eleven days without causing casualties, but taking the whole establishment hostage. The Professor has planned everything down to the smallest detail and everything should go smoothly, but no one is immune to the unexpected. Unforeseen events that could all cost them their lives.

Castlevania (2017) – 4 seasons

In this bloody series, Count Dracula is drunk with revenge when humans burn his wife at the stake. The mighty vampire gathers his army and unleashes a horde of monstrous creatures on the people of Wallachia. An unusual trio then teams up to prevent the massacre of humanity: the demon hunter Trevor Belmont, the magician Sypha Belnades and Alucard, Dracula’s own son. They will have to learn to cooperate to succeed.

Cobra Kai (2018) – 5 seasons

Did you love Karate Kid? Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are back in this smashing series! The story takes place thirty years after the first film in the franchise: we find a drifting Johnny, who has never recovered from his defeat against Daniel in 1984. Everything changes when his young neighbor Miguel manages to convince him of learn karate and reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. The rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is not long in rekindling and with it, the war between dojos.

Titans (2018) – 3 seasons

When Dick Grayson (former Robin and now Nightwing) decides to leave Gotham, but above all to get away from Batman, his path crosses that of Rachel Roth. Pursued by a strange sect, the young girl asks for his help. Together, they will have to team up with other young heroes to deal with a terrible threat that weighs on the Earth and to which Rachel seems to be intimately linked. Who is she really? But above all, where do his powers come from? The series promises to be breathtaking.

Valkyrie Apocalypse (2021) – 1 season

Fighting fans, this series is for you! The story takes place in a world where the gods of mythology meet every thousand years to debate the fate of humanity. But when they decide to reduce it to nothing, the Valkyrie Brunehilde intervenes and offers them a more interesting alternative: a tournament where 13 gods and 13 powerful humans will face each other in single combat. If the mortals win at least 7 duels, the Gods will have to spare humanity.

All of us are dead (2022) – 1 season

School is over for the students of Hyosan High School! The series follows the dangerous journeys of a group of college students as the campus is ravaged by a zombie disaster. Almost everyone has turned into a monster and the survivors will have to show intelligence and courage to hope to get out of it. The young heroes can only rely on themselves, because the epidemic has spread throughout the city. The army may not come to save them…

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