The 10 best comedy series on Netflix

Want to have a good time in front of a funny and mindless series ? You will surely find your happiness on netflix : the streaming giant is full of hilarious TV shows. We offer you here our little TOP of best comedy series available on netflix. Grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh – these shows are sure to keep you entertained!

Here’s our pick of the best comedy series available on Netflix

The Office (2005) – 9 seasons

Adapted from the British series of the same name, this US version invites you to meet the employees of Dunder-Mifflin, a paper sales company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The series is presented as a real documentary on the daily life of the staff of this ordinary paper company. Relationships, friendships or even loves, discover to what extent all this little world has an exciting life. The characters are really funny in their seriousness.

Community (2009) – 6 seasons

In this biting and hilarious series, we follow the setbacks of Jeff Winger, a brilliant, narcissistic, but above all smooth-talking lawyer. The latter must, however, recover his diploma after being expelled from the bar. He enrolls at Greendale Community College with all the bad faith in the world. His path will cross paths with six students with whom he will form a heterogeneous and inseparable band… for better or for worse. Or rather “for fun”!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) – 8 seasons

Have you always wondered what everyday life is like in a police station? Discover the life of the 99th district police station, in the borough of Brooklyn in New York. A new captain arrives for the greatest misfortune of the team: cold and strict, the new boss completely clashes with his eccentric subordinates who often undermine the credibility of the office. The palm goes to detective Jake Peralta, immature troublemaker of the dream team.

Rick & Morty (2013) – 6 seasons

Dark humor and science fiction, that’s what awaits you in this completely crazy animated series. The story follows the (my) thrilling and often very zany adventures of young Morty and his grandfather Rick, a brilliant scientist, but a little too focused on the bottle. Together, the two will embark on extraordinary (and very dangerous) journeys across the galaxy and even space-time. But be careful, Morty must also not miss his college classes!

Jane the Virgin (2014) – 5 seasons

In this series full of drama and humor, we follow Jane, a very pious young woman. At 23, Jane is still a virgin and does not intend to act before marriage. That’s good because she’s engaged to Michael, an adorable police lieutenant. Jane’s perfect life seems all mapped out: but everything changes when she finds herself pregnant after having been accidentally inseminated by her gynecologist who has chosen the wrong patient. Everything becomes complicated for Jane, especially when she begins to have feelings for Rafael, the “father” of her baby.

Superstore (2015) – 6 seasons

Not easy to manage a large area, especially when you find yourself in the foreground! This is what this really funny series tells about the daily life of supermarket employees. Between the veterans, the newcomers, the lost employees or the determined managers, the story features a nice cast of characters as funny and endearing as they are boring. Not to mention the customers who sometimes make them see all the colors!

The Good Place (2016) – 4 seasons

When she dies, Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in a heavenly world, the “good place”. The problem is that Eleanor was incredibly self-centered when she was alive. She then discovers that she was sent to the Good Place by mistake. Determined to stay there, Eleanor will do everything to try to become a good person and deserve her place in paradise. But easier said than done when bad habits return at a gallop.

Workin Moms (2017) – 6 seasons

It’s not easy to be a model mom, especially when you have to spend hours at work. Discover the busy daily life of several mothers in this really very funny series. The story mainly follows Kate Foster, a young mother who returns to work after her maternity leave. Kate is a brilliant woman who excels in her work, but difficult to prove herself when it is necessary to manage her life as a family and as a woman at the same time. Fortunately, the other Workin Moms are there to share little moments of relaxation and laugh about their crazy days.

Santa Clarita Diet (2017) – 3 seasons

Imagine that your wife turns into a zombie one day! That’s what happened to poor Joel Hammond, whose life was one of the most banal. With his wife Sheila and their daughter Abby, Joel led a quiet and comfortable life. But everything changes when Sheila suddenly develops strange symptoms and an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Between crazy and dangerous situations, the Hammonds will do everything to preserve their secret… and feed Sheila well.

My First Times (2020) – 3 seasons

Hard hard to be a teenager! Especially when you’re the only Indian in your high school and you still don’t have a boyfriend at 15. At least that’s what Devi, an extravagant young geek, thinks. After a traumatic year, the young girl sets her sights on Paxton, the hottest and most popular guy in high school. His goal ? Lose your virginity to Paxton and maybe even date him! Devi is ready for all the nonsense for a truly perfect first time. At his own risk.

There you go, I hope you enjoy our selection. And if you ever have any recommendations that could fit into this article on the best Netflix comedy series, comments are open!😎

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