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The 10 Best DC Comics Animated Movies

If it struggles to convince in the cinema, the DC franchise is a real juggernaut when it comes to animated feature films. On the program: mature stories, often very dark, with epic fight scenes where the heroes and the villains do not give each other a gift. Some films are real nuggets to discover absolutely for those who love superhero stories! Discover without delay our selection of best dc comics animated movies.

Here are the best DC Comics animated movies

Wonder Woman – 2009

In this film dedicated to the intrepid Amazon, we follow her in a mad race against time to prevent Ares, the god of war, from plunging humanity into bloodshed and the madness of battles. For the first time in her life, Diana will leave the island of Themyscira and discover the world of men. She can count on the help of Steve Trevor, a pilot who crashed on the island. Despite all her strength and courage, Diana will however go through moments of doubt: is she ready to fight a God? But above all, does Humanity really deserve to be saved?

Justice League: Crisis in Two Earths – 2010

What if the Justice League was evil? That’s what this DC Comics animated film explores by offering a hyper muscular standoff between the League and its evil version, the Crime Syndicate which is in an alternate reality. The superhero team is approached by this world’s Lex Luthor asking for their help, which Superman, Wonder Woman and the others accept. The confrontation between the two teams promises to be epic, especially since neither side intends to let go!

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox – 2013

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is known to be the funniest member of the Justice League. Barry is always the first to joke around to lighten drama and tension. But the truth is, Barry never got over his mother’s sudden death. In Flashpoint Paradox, the superhero wakes up one day in a world where Nora Allen is still alive, but everything is chaos. The Justice League does not exist and a bloody war rages between the Atlanteans and the Amazons. Barry will have to form the League to save the world, while trying to figure out what happened.

Son of Batman – 2014

Everything is in the title ! Son of Batman features Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. The latter entrusts Damian to Bruce who was not even aware of his paternity. The Dark Knight discovers an impetuous young boy, incredibly gifted in combat, but above all drunk on revenge: Ras al Ghul, his grandfather, was treacherously killed by Deathstroke and Damian wants revenge in blood. Batman will do everything to prevent him from switching to the dark side.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters – 2015

In this film, discover an alternate version of the Justice League with a Mexican Superman, a vampire Batman and a Wonder Woman from New Genesis. The trio use brute force to fight off criminals, which isn’t always well seen by society. The situation worsens when they are accused of having massacred several renowned scientists including Victor Fries and Silas Stone. Understanding that they have been trapped, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will investigate and discover a dark plot fomented against the Justice League.

Batman: The Killing Joke – 2016

The Killing Joke is arguably one of the darkest and most violent Batman films. The story features a macabre game of cat and mouse between the Dark Knight and his lifelong nemesis, the Joker. The game will obviously not be without collateral damage and the Joker will have a field day to get Batman out of his hinges. Will the latter give in and end up killing his worst enemy? Unless it is the latter who wins the game? The trailer promises a breathtaking film.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay – 2018

For a change, DC invites you to follow a band of super villains with this action-packed film. The story follows Task X Force, made up of notorious criminals such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang and Killer Frost. The team is tasked with recovering a mysterious map by Amanda Weller. The problem is that the artifact is also coveted by the immortal Vandal Savage, as well as Zoom, Flash’s nemesis. Task X Force will do everything to get their hands on this famous card. After all, it’s their head that’s at stake…

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War – 2020

In this very dark film, the Justice League is on a war footing! Led by Superman, the superhero team decides to besiege Apokolips and subdue Darkseid. But nothing goes as planned and almost all the superheroes are eliminated. Only a handful remain, including John Constantine who could well be Humanity’s last hope. But the latter has none left and sinks into alcohol until Raven and Superman come to find him years later.

Justice Society: World War II – 2021

In this film, we find again an alternative version of the Justice League, but this time during the Second World War! It all starts with Flash helping Superman fight Brainiac. But as he tries to intercept a kryptonite bullet fired at the Man of Steel, Flash runs way too fast and finds himself in an alternate reality where the Justice League is formed in the 1940s as the Justice Society to try to stop the war. Flash will help them, they will then discover that the Nazis are not the only ones who want to conquer the world…

Batman: The Long Halloween (Part 1 & 2) – 2021

We end this list in style with this Batman film which skilfully mixes action and mystery. The story takes place in a Gotham in crisis, the Falcone family reigns supreme over a city plagued by violence and corruption. The tension is at its peak when a mysterious killer nicknamed Holiday commits several bloody murders, each time targeting the underworld, including the Falcone family. Batman, Captain James Gordon and Prosecutor Harvey Dent will have to team up to prevent this whole affair from turning Gotham into a real bloodbath.

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