The 10 Best DC Comics Superhero Series

Do you want to discover (very) little-known superheroes from the cinema? See you on the DC Comics series! Indeed, if the films remain focused on the most famous superheroes, the series of the franchise, they offer stories with much more diversified characters. The proof with this little TOP 10 best DC Comics series. Like what, it’s not just Batman and Superman in life!

Here’s our pick of the best DC Comics superhero series

Young Justice (2010) – 4 seasons

In this animated series, Superman, Wonder Woman or even Batman take a back seat. The story focuses on young superhero sidekicks who form their own team: we follow Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Artemis and Miss Martian on perilous missions to save lives and thwart dark plots. Over the seasons, the team will take on even more importance with the addition of new members, always younger and more intrepid.

Arrow (2012) – 8 seasons

Batman isn’t the only billionaire superhero! There’s also Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow. In this series, we discover how the billionaire playboy became the famous masked vigilante that we all know. The story begins when Oliver, missing at sea for five years, is found alive on an isolated island. Back home, the young man is no longer the carefree reveler of yesteryear. He dons the Green Arrow costume to protect the city from crime and corruption.

Gotham (2014) – 5 seasons

Discover the city of Gotham City before Batman! The story begins with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne under the eyes of their young son, Bruce. The case is entrusted to Inspector Jim Gordon, one of the few police officers still with integrity in the city. Gordon will do everything to elucidate the murder of the Waynes, but the investigation will not be easy. The young man finds himself immersed in the heart of a vast machination involving the underworld of Gotham and which announces a real bloodbath.

IZombie (2015) – 5 seasons

This series features Liv Moore, a brilliant medical student whose life changes when she is transformed into a zombie during an evening that goes wrong. Now a lover of brains, the young girl becomes a forensic doctor at the morgue. The problem is that when she eats a person’s brain, she inherits her personality and her memories for a few hours. Liv will use her abilities to help the police solve criminal cases.

Preacher (2016) – 4 seasons

In this series, we follow the misadventures of Jesse Custer, a churchman with a troubled past. Jesse may be a reverend, but he has lost faith in God. While the faithful are deserting the pews of his church, the proof that God does indeed exist falls on him without warning! Jessi finds herself possessed by Genesis, a divine entity that gives her strange and terrifying powers: her voice now allows her to submit anyone to her will. Helped by his ex-girlfriend and a centenarian vampire, Jesse will try to understand what is happening to him, but above all what God expects of him.

Titans (2018) – 3 seasons

Discover a darker and more mature version of the Teen Titans: the story begins with Dick Grayson who has emancipated himself from Batman to follow his own path. His path then crosses that of young Rachel Roth, a teenager whose powers are coveted by a mysterious cult. Helped by other young people with astonishing abilities, they will try to thwart a terrible conspiracy that threatens the Earth and of which Rachel seems to be the key to saving the world… or destroying it.

Pennyworth (2019) – 2 seasons

This is a prequel to the series “Gotham”, we follow Alfred Pennyworth, the famous butler of Batman, during his young years. The story takes place in the 1960s in London. The series tells how Alfred, a British special forces soldier, crosses paths with the young American billionaire Thomas Wayne (Batman’s father). The two men will have to work together when the lives of their loved ones are threatened by a common enemy.

Doom Patrol (2019) – 3 seasons

In this series, meet a team of atypical superheroes. Acquired by accident, their powers effectively banish them from society. This is how Robotman, Negative Man, Crazy Jane and Elasti-Girl are welcomed by Dr. Niles Caulder, in the latter’s mansion. They will learn to accept their difference, but staying away from the world. The Doom Patrol will, however, have to come out of hiding when their mentor disappears. They will join forces and their amazing superhuman abilities to fight a terrible enemy with omniscient powers.

Superman & Lois (2021) – 2 seasons

Discover the daily life of the most famous couple in the DC universe. At first glance, Clark and Lois have a perfect life, they are married, happy, have two beautiful children. But nothing is what it seems when you consider that Clark risks his life every day as Superman. The series follows the couple’s efforts to manage their tumultuous “professional” life, but also their family life.

Peacemaker (2022) – 1 season

After breaking the house in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith, aka the Peacemaker, is back with his own series! The vigilante with unorthodox methods is indeed entrusted with a new perilous mission by Amanda Weller. He finds himself with a new team which is not a “best team ever”, but has to do with it. The Peacemaker will also have to come to terms with his past, including confronting his father, the supervillain White Dragon.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed our little TOP 10 of the best DC Comics series 😎 Anyway, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments what the best DC Comics series are for you.

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