The 10 best horror movies 2022 for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween 🎃! Have you planned a thrilling evening at home or at the cinema? Here are some horror movie ideas for a successful movie plan! On the program: only feature films released in 2022 that will send shivers down your spine. Get ready to shiver under the duvet or at the movies with these ten horror movies 👻.

Here’s our pick of the best horror movies to watch for Halloween


In this Finnish horror film, we follow Tinja, a twelve-year-old gymnast who desperately wants to please her mother. But it’s not easy, because the latter is obsessed with perfection and success. One day, Tinja finds an egg which she decides to bring home. Hidden in her room, the egg gets bigger and bigger and eventually hatches, giving birth to a strange creature that Tinja names Alli. A series of disturbing events then begins to occur around her.


In this black comedy, we follow the setbacks of Noa, a young single woman who is fed up with dating apps. On a whim, she agrees to give her number to Steve, a very handsome man she meets in a grocery store. Noa is won over from the first meeting and goes on a weekend with Steve. Very bad idea, because she discovers that under her charming airs, her new lover hides a terrible appetite… for human flesh. Noa may be his next dinner party!


This Taiwanese film tells how a mother is ready to do anything to lift the curse hanging over her daughter. It all starts when Li Ronan, a journalist, accidentally breaks a religious taboo during a report. She is struck by a terrible curse which also affects the child in her womb. Six years later, Li Ronan must protect his daughter from the consequences of her actions. To do this, she will have to return to where it all began and face her past.


Both gory and daring, this film recounts the misadventures of a group of amateur filmmakers. In 1979, the latter rented an isolated house in the Texas countryside to shoot an adult film. Very quickly, however, the filming turns to disaster when their strange hosts discover what they are up to. Actors and directors then find themselves plunged into a real nightmare when they have to face more than vicious enemies and fight for their lives.

Black Phone

This film tells how 13-year-old Finney Shaw is kidnapped and kidnapped by a sadistic, masked killer. Locked in a completely soundproof basement, all seems lost for the teenager. But that’s not counting the former victims of his executioner who will do everything to help him. The ghosts contact Finney via an unplugged phone on the wall. The latter will have to show courage and ingenuity if he wants to be able to escape, but above all to survive.


This film brilliantly mixes horror and encounters of the third kind. The story follows OJ and his sister Em who run a horse ranch in a remote valley deep in California. On the verge of bankruptcy, a strange and terrifying discovery gives them ideas to try to save their ranch. Will this mysterious phenomenon be their salvation or their loss?


It is the fifth film in the Predator franchise. The story takes place in 1719 in a Comanche tribe. We follow Naru, a young warrior who only aspires to prove herself. The opportunity arises when she finds herself confronted by an alien predator with a highly sophisticated arsenal. In search of new prey, the latter represents a threat to the village. Naru will do everything to protect those she loves and kill this formidable adversary.


In this film as gory as it is disturbing, we follow Tess, an ambitious young woman, who goes to Detroit for a job interview. The latter rents a house for the stay, but when she arrives, late at night, she discovers that the place is already occupied by someone. Tess is forced to spend the night with this stranger, but the latter may not be the real threat lurking in the house. The nightmare has only just begun for Tess and her one-night roommate.


This is the prequel to “X”: we discover the youth of Pearl, the horrible villain of the first film. Young and pretty, Pearl dreams of a glamorous and adventurous life, but instead she must stay on the family farm to care for her ailing father, under the guidance of an overbearing mother. The frustration of the young woman grows day by day, until the day she finally explodes. Get ready for a real bloodbath, Pearl is really in a bad mood!


The big smiles may horrify you after seeing this film! The story follows Dr. Rose Cotter, a psychiatrist whose life changes when she witnesses the suicide of one of her patients. Since then, Rose has been harassed by a strange entity that manifests itself to her through people who give her big smiles. Then begins a race against time to understand what this thing wants, but above all what it is really about. Unless Rose has gone mad?

There you go, I hope you find what you’re looking for among this selection of the best horror movies for Halloween in 2022. And if you have other recommendations, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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