The 10 best horror series on Netflix

Lovers of horror, thrills and even gore, netflix has what you need in its catalog. The streaming giant has no shortage of horror series to watch at night to scare yourself under the duvet. On the menu: frightening, even disturbing stories, dreadful creatures, but also complex characters that will not leave you unmoved. In this article, we offer you our selection of best horror series to watch on the Netflix streaming platform.

Here’s our pick of the best horror series available on Netflix

Hemlock Grove (2013) – 3 seasons

The story takes place in the small town of Hemlock Grove: the horribly mutilated corpse of a young girl is found in the woods. As the police conduct the investigation, two teens who have everything against them will team up to discover the culprit, because it is not just an animal… Hemlock Grove conceals many secrets that it is better not to expose in broad daylight. Roman Godfrey and Peter Rumancek are the first to have an interest in keeping these secrets well kept.

Haunting of Hill House (2018) – 1 season

Netflix revisits the theme of the haunted house through the dark history of the Crain family: in 1992, Hugh and Olivia Crain moved into the Hill House mansion with their five children. Their peaceful life is quickly disrupted by strange events, until a tragedy occurs that forces them to flee the mansion. Twenty-six years later, the Crain family is back in Hill House following yet another tragedy. They will have to face the past and their traumas.

Sound: The Guest (2018) – 1 season

Fans of exorcisms and demonic spirits, this series offers you all that, but with Korean sauce. We follow the journeys of three protagonists: a detective, a priest and a medium. A priori, their path should not cross and yet, the trio is linked by a tragic past. Together they will try to hunt down a powerful demonic spirit that possesses people and makes them commit gruesome murders. The hunt promises to be as frightening as it is deadly.

Devilman Crybaby (2018) – 1 season

Attention fans of Go Nagai’s Devilman manga! Netflix invites you to discover this animated version which promises a lot of horror and thrill. The story tells how Akira, a skinny high school student, discovers the existence of demons. Encouraged by his best friend Ryo, he will merge with one of them and become Devilman, a demonic being endowed with a human soul. Now strong, Akira will fight the demons and prevent them from destroying all of humanity.

Marianne (2019) – 1 season

This horrific series, 100% made in France, recounts the setbacks of Emma, ​​a famous author of horror novels. The young woman indeed discovers that the monstrous characters in her books are real and that they have haunted her since childhood. Following a tragic event, Emma must return to her hometown, where it all began. Where Marianne is waiting for her…

Kingdom (2019) – 2 seasons

During the Joseon period, the kingdom of Korea was plagued by famine and corruption. It is in this tense and uncertain atmosphere that rumors circulate about the King, who has not appeared in public for months: he is said to be suffering from a mysterious illness. His eldest son, the Crown Prince, will try to find out more, but finds himself accused of treason. Forced to flee, he will discover that a strange plague is spreading through the kingdom, transforming the dead into monsters.

Dracula (2020) – Miniseries

In this three-episode mini-series, Netflix revisits the famous story of Dracula based on the cult eponymous book by Bram Stocker. The story takes place in 1986, we follow Jonathan Harker, a young English notary who goes to Transylvania to finalize the sale of a castle. He will then meet the owner of the place: Count Dracula, a terrible and bloodthirsty being. Prisoner of Dracula’s castle, Jonathan Harker will do everything to get out of it and find his fiancée Mina.

Sweet Home (2020) – 1 season

Adapted from a famous webtoon, this series tells how the inhabitants of a seedy building find themselves prisoners in the building, while savage monsters ravage the world outside. Neighbors will have to stick together to survive, but above all to avoid transforming themselves. But just as everyone else is turning into monsters, a disturbed teenager discovers he reacts differently to this strange evil that threatens humanity.

Midnight Sermons (2021) – 1 season

The small island of Crockett Island brings together a very fervent Catholic community. Everyone’s faith is tested, however, when a series of strange events occur with the arrival of a charismatic priest. Miracles and mysteries follow one another, the inhabitants of Crockett Island try to understand what is happening, but are they really ready to discover the truth?

All of Us Are Dead (2022) – 1 season

Another famous webtoon adapted in series! Both horrifying and breathtaking, All of Us Are Dead tells how a group of young people try to survive a zombie invasion in their high school. The strange epidemic spreads rapidly and soon the whole town is infected. The young heroes will have to show courage and ingenuity to hope to get out of this alive.

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