Les meilleurs films Marvel

The 10 Best Marvel Superhero Movies

super hero fans Marvel, this list is for you! We invite you to discover best marvel superhero movies, all worlds combined. The choice is hard, but some feature films can boast of having boosted the careers of Marvel superheroes on screen, others have won the hearts of both critics and the public. We tell you everything!

Here’s our pick of the best Marvel movies

Spider-Man – 2002

Impossible to talk about the best Marvel movies without mentioning Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man! We can say that it was this film that paved the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! In Spider-Man we follow Peter Parker: a quiet and self-effacing teenager who lives with his uncle and aunt. His life changes when he is bitten by a genetically modified spider. Peter develops superhuman powers which he will use to protect the people of New York City.

Iron Man – 2008

Iron-Man is THE film that launched the MCU franchise! The story centers on billionaire playboy Tony Stark, whose company creates weapons for the government. His view of the world changes when he is kidnapped by terrorists and discovers his weapons are being used for evil purposes. Tony manages to escape, but decides to stop the production of weapons. Instead, he creates super armor with the intention of fighting the terrorist organization that kidnapped him.

X-Men the Beginning – 2011

Another must-have franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The adventure begins in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s X-Men and since then, the mutants have a dozen films to their credit. X-Men the beginning is a prequel to the first films, we discover Professor X and Magneto there when they were still only Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr. The story tells how the two friends came to each take a different path and become enemies.

Guardians of the Galaxy – 2014

In this completely crazy film, Marvel takes us on a journey through the Galaxy in the company of a team of really funny superheroes. The story follows the journeys of Peter Quill aka Star Lord who finds himself in trouble until he steals a mysterious orb that can destroy an entire universe. Peter is forced to team up with mercenaries to prevent the terrible Ronan the Accuser from getting his hands on the orb. The future of the Galaxy is at stake!

Captain America Civil War – 2016

This is the third Captain America after First Avenger and The Winter Soldier. In Civil War, several countries pressure the Avengers to sign agreements that place the superhero team under UN guardianship. This creates dissension between the Avengers, especially between Tony and Steve, because one agrees to sign while the other refuses. The tension turns to war when Bucky Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier) is wrongly accused of carrying out an attack and Steve will protect him against all odds. The Avengers go so far as to clash to resonate with the other camp…

Thor Ragnarok – 2017

Third film dedicated to the God of Thunder, Thor Ragnarok is considered the best of the trilogy. On the program: a maximum of humor with a Thor and a Loki in top form! The story tells how Thor and Loki come face to face with Hela, the Goddess of Death who is also their sister. The latter destroys Mjolnir and manages to get rid of the duo who find themselves prisoners on a distant planet. Thor and Loki will have to team up to prevent Hela from triggering Ragnarok and thus save Asgard from destruction.

Logan – 2017

Logan is the first name of Wolverine, one of the most famous X-Men in the franchise. We thus find the character in a future where mutants are hunted down and oppressed by a Corporation. Logan is now aging, while Charles Xavier suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Their path crosses that of a little girl who has the same powers as Logan. The latter will protect her from the Corporation, because the latter wants at all costs to get their hands on the young mutant.

Black Panther – 2018

Considered one of the best MCU films, Black Panther stars Prince T’Challa. After the events in Captain America Civil War, he returns to Wakanda to be crowned king. His first duty as such is to prevent his country’s super technology from falling into evil hands. T’Challa will have to show courage as Black Panther and sovereign to protect Wakanda, but also the rest of the world.

Spider-Man into the Spider-verse – 2018

This Marvel animated film offers you plenty of Spider-Man for the price of one! The story mainly follows Miles Morales, a seemingly ordinary teenager, but whose life changes when he is bitten by a radioactive radiograph. He also witnesses the death of Spiderman and must take over. But easier said than done, especially when Spider-Man from other universes land in his. They will have to team up to prevent the destruction of all the alternate worlds.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – 2021

In this film, Marvel presents its very first Asian superhero with Shang-Chi who is none other than the Mandarin’s son! Immortal and ultra-powerful, the latter is at the head of the Ten Rings, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world. But as Shang-Chi has turned his back on that life, he is caught up in the past years later when his father comes to him asking for his help in finding the legendary village of Ta Lo in hopes of resurrecting his wife (Shang-Chi’s mom).

There you go, I hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Marvel movies 😎 Anyway, note that this list is obviously not exhaustive, because there are many other Marvel movies that are also very good. We are thinking in particular of Avengers, Doctor Strange or The Eternals. However, we challenged ourselves to achieve a small TOP 10, and that’s what we did. And for you, what are the best Marvel movies?

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