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The 10 Best Marvel Superhero Series

It’s not just in the cinema that Marvel is a hit. The superhero franchise also offers a whole bunch of TV series that are really worth watching! And we’re not just talking about Cinematic Marvel Universe (MCU) TV shows. There are also plenty of other nuggets with super heroes that you don’t know or know very little about. Here is our selection of best marvel series !

Here is our selection of the best Marvel series

Agents of SHIELD (2013) – 7 seasons

Agents of SHIELD is the very first series derived from the MCU: the story follows on from the very first Avengers. We find the agent Phil Coulson (who is not finally dead), the latter leads a team of secret agents in order to protect the population from various threats which involve in particular people with powers. Created by Jed Whedon, the brother of Joss Whedon (the director of Avengers), the series bowed out in 2020 after 7 seasons.

Agent Carter (2015) – 2 seasons

Another series directly related to the MCU! This time, we follow Peggy Carter right after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve Rogers is dead, life goes on for Peggy, but it’s not easy after losing a loved one. In Agent Carter, the young woman works in the SSR (Reserve Scientific Section) and has to put up with the misogynistic behavior of some of her colleagues. However, Howard Stark will entrust her with a mission that will allow her to exploit her full potential as a detective, but above all as a spy.

Daredevil (2015) – 3 seasons

This series has nothing to do with the MCU: we follow Matt Murdoch, a brilliant lawyer who suffers from total blindness. Matt lost his sight at the age of 9, following a terrible accident. He has, however, developed an ultra-developed acuity of his other senses, making him an incredible fighter. At night, Matt also becomes Daredevil, a vigilante with sometimes brutal and bloody methods. Daredevil offers us a dark and captivating hero, constantly torn between good and evil.

Jessica Jones (2015) – 3 seasons

Taking place in the same universe as Daredevil, this series swims against the tide of superhero stories offered by the MCU. In Jessica Jones, we tackle the theme of sexual predators and violence against women and addictions through the story of a super heroine converted into a private detective and who is haunted by a traumatic past. Jessica is struggling to get back on her feet and it’s not going to get any better when her worst nightmare resurfaces. His name: Killgrave, a terrifying antagonist who is there to get Jessica back. However, the young woman with superpowers is far from letting herself go…

Legion (2017) – 3 seasons

This time, it is in the universe of the X-Men that this series invites you to dive head first, with a character almost unknown to the public: we indeed follow David Haller, the schizophrenic son of Professor Charles Xavier. David spent much of his life in mental asylums, until he discovered that the voices and visions that haunt him might not just be in his head. Legion is a fascinating series that tackles the subject of mental illness brilliantly.

The Punisher (2017) – 2 seasons

Introduced as a villain in “Daredevil”, the Punisher got his own series, and what a series! Franck Castle is undoubtedly one of the most captivating antiheroes: ravaged by the murder of his family, this Marine veteran embarks on a bloody quest to find those responsible and make them pay. Driven by a devastating rage, Franck Castle leaves piles of corpses in his wake. The Punisher won’t stop until his revenge is met.

WandaVision (2021) – 1 season

We return to the MCU with this series which takes place just after the events of Avengers Endgame. We find Wanda and Vision living happy days in a small suburban town. But when strange events occur around them, Vision begins to suspect that something is wrong. Wanda, on the other hand, seems determined to preserve their happiness, no matter the cost… WandaVision plunges us into a refreshing sitcom atmosphere.

Loki (2021) – 1 season

Also in the MCU, the God of Mischief is entitled to his own TV series! Again, it all starts with a small detail from Avengers Endgame that instead of being overpowered by the superhero team, Loki manages to grab the Tesseract and run away. However, this will create a parallel reality and force the Court of Anachronistic Variations (TVA) to intervene. This organism will capture Loki, because the latter has altered the eternal flow of time. The Loki series thus invites you to dive into a New World where nothing has any value except time.

What if…? (2021) – 1 season

This animated series still remains in the MCU, this time offering to explore the rich universe of the franchise in an exciting way: What if…? indeed visits alternate realities where key events of the films are different from those we know: what if it was Peggy Carter who had received the super soldier serum and not Steve Rogers? What if Odin had never adopted Loki? What if the Ravagers kidnapped Prince T’Challa of Wakanda instead of Peter Quill? So many possibilities that could completely upset the continuity of the MCU!

Moon Knight (2022) – 1 season

We end our selection with Moon Knight. This MCU series features Steven Grant, a shy and ordinary employee of a gift shop, but whose life changes when he discovers that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder. His other personality, Mark Spector, is a mercenary who committed atrocious acts on behalf of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. Steven finds himself embroiled, in spite of himself, in mad misadventures which involve the resurrection of Ammit, a murderous divinity. However, the cohabitation between the two personalities will not be easy.

So, what do you think of our selection of the best Marvel series? 😎 Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Other Marvel series could be part of this selection, but choices had to be made… Here, tell us, in your opinion, what is the best Marvel series? Comments are open!

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