The 10 best mini-series you can’t miss on Netflix

While waiting for the sequel to your favorite series on Netflix, how about watching a mini-series? The streaming giant offers plenty of them in its catalog and some are real nuggets. You won’t know where to turn. To help you, we invite you to discover our selection of best mini series not to be missed on Netflix. Be careful, you risk not getting off your sofa!

Here are the 10 best mini-series to watch on Netflix

Maniac (2018) – Comedy, science fiction

This Netflix mini-series offers a tasty mix of SF and black comedy. We follow the meeting of Annie and Owen who suffer from mental disorders. The duo meet and befriend during a program where twelve people are subjected to risky pharmaceutical trials. Nothing goes as planned and soon Annie and Owen deal with the side effects. They will also try to understand what is really going on behind these mysterious clinical trials.

In Their Gaze (2019) – Drama

This miniseries is inspired by a horrific rape case that rocked the United States in 1989. Police arrested and jailed five young people, four blacks and one Hispanic, based on forced confessions and not evidence concrete materials. Ten years later, the real culprit surrenders and the entire American judicial system is called into question. The mini-series thus follows the trial, the prison journey and the reintegration of the five young people into society after they have been exonerated.

Dracula (2020) – Horror

(Re)discover the legend of Dracula revisited by Netflix. As in Bram Stoker’s book, the story begins in the depths of Transylvania, in 1897. We follow the young English notary Jonathan Harker who goes to a remote castle for work. He meets the owner of the place, Count Dracula, a man as mysterious as he is disturbing. But is he really a man? Jonathan Harker will find out the hard way. But mostly at your own risk.

The Game of Ladies (2020) – Drama

In this series, follow the journey of Elisabeth Harmon, a young orphan who is incredibly gifted in chess. The story takes place in the 1950s and recounts Beth’s struggle from a very young age to prove her values, but above all to find a place for herself in a world of men. Beth will do everything to become the best chess player in the world. But to get there, she will have to struggle with her emotional problems and addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Maid (2021) – Drama

This mini-series tells the struggle of a young single mother to offer a good life to her daughter. The story follows Alex who decides to leave her abusive boyfriend for his sake and that of their daughter, Maddy. Alone and without money, she will take a job as a maid to try to make ends meet, while dreaming of a future as a writer. Alex will have to show courage to get out of this and not be held back by his violent ex and his dysfunctional family.

My Friend Adele (2021) – Psychological thriller

In this dark series full of secrets, we follow Louise, a young divorced mother who becomes the mistress of David, her boss. Their passionate affair is disrupted, however, when Louise crosses paths with Adèle, David’s wife. Against all odds, the two women become friends. Louise then finds herself at the heart of a dangerous love triangle, because David and Adèle seem to be hiding a terrible secret. Louise’s life may be in danger, but who is the real threat?

Midnight Sermons (2021) – Horror

In a small remote community, the arrival of a new priest changes everyone’s daily life. Then begins a series of miraculous events that will shake everyone’s conviction. The joy is not short-lived, as dark omens also enter the dance, forcing residents to confront their own demons. The questions then arise: but who really is this charismatic priest? Is he really who he claims to be?

Clickbait (2021) – Thriller

Mystery and twists, that’s what this Netflix mini-series promises: it all begins with the mysterious disappearance of Nick Brewer, an exemplary husband, father and brother. He then appears in a viral video which shows him covered in bruises and holding a card on which it is written: “I mistreat women. At 5 million views, I will die”. Then begins a real race against time for the police and the family. Everyone will try to understand who Nick really is and who might be angry with him, to the point of kidnapping and humiliating him on the Internet.

Boo, Bitch (2022) – Teen drama, comedy

Erika is a high school student like the others: she dreams of being popular, of going out with a handsome boy… When she decides to live her life to the full, she dies and becomes a ghost! But if it’s not too late to fulfill all your dreams? Helped by her best friend Gia, Erika will live her life as a ghost to the fullest and finally become the girl she always dreamed of being: beautiful, popular and adored by everyone.

Inventing Anna (2022) – Drama

Inspired by a true story, this mini-series tells how Vivian Kent, a journalist, tries to understand who Anna Delvey really is. This rich German heiress, new darling of New York’s gratin, is accused of having lied about her status and stealing millions of dollars from her “friends”. Is Anna really who she claims to be or a genius hustler? Over the course of her investigations, Vivian Kent will gradually discover the young woman’s secrets and schemes.

Bonus: Dahmer (2022) – Drama, horror

Netflix’s latest baby, this series is making a lot of noise and for good reason! It is indeed the portrait of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the worst serial killers in history. Nicknamed “the cannibal of Milwaukee”, he killed, raped and dismembered around twenty young men between 1978 and 1991. The series traces his childhood, then his life as a young adult and the beginning of the massacre. How could he have cracked down for so long when his neighbors already suspected him of macabre acts? Available on Netflix since the end of September, the series caused a real outcry among the families of the victims.

Here, I hope you will find your happiness among all his Netflix mini-series. And if you have other recommendations, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments 😎.

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