The 10 best shows for teens on Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of TV series in its catalog that are perfect for teenagers. From comedies and dramas to sci-fi and fantasy, there’s something for everyone. Some shows are even real nuggets. And since new seasons are added all the time, you’ll never be bored! Come on, without further ado, we invite you to discover our selection of best series for teens available on netflix.

Here is our selection of the best series for teens available on Netflix

Stranger Things (2016) – 4 seasons

This flagship Netflix series will delight fans of horror and science fiction. The story takes place in the 80s, in the small town of Hawkins. We follow a group of young geeks whose quiet life is turned upside down when one of them mysteriously disappears. They will do anything to find him. Their efforts will lead them to cross paths with a strange young girl with powerful psychic powers. The latter could well be linked to the disappearance of their friend.

Atypical (2017) – 4 seasons

In this series, both funny and touching, we follow the daily life of Sam and his entourage. Sam is a young autistic teenager who lives with his loving family: there is his overprotective mother, his caring father, but with whom Sam has trouble bonding. And there is his sister who will soon start university, but who is reluctant to leave far from her brother. Everything changes the day Sam decides to have a girlfriend: this mad quest for love that will change his life and that of his loved ones.

13 Reasons Why (2017) – 4 seasons

In this series, drama and mystery are at the rendezvous: Clay Jensen is a seemingly ordinary teenager, but whose life is turned upside down when Hanna Baker, a classmate tragically commits suicide. Disturbed by the event, Clay finds a mysterious box on the porch of his house. Bearing her name, the box contains tapes recorded by Hannah. She tells the 13 reasons that led him to kill himself, she also reveals terrible secrets in high school.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) – 4 seasons

Fans of Sabrina Spellman, Netflix invites you to discover this horrifying version of the misadventures of the pretty witch. We thus follow the daily life of the young girl who finds herself torn between her witch and mortal origins on her sixteenth birthday. She will also have to face the insistence of the horrible Madam Satan who will stop at nothing to get Sabrina to join the Church of Night. The young girl will have to show courage and tenacity to remain true to herself, but also to protect her family and loved ones from Madam Satan’s schemes.

Elite (2018) – 5 seasons

Welcome to Las Encinas, the most exclusive and competitive school in Spain! The series tells how three working-class children are admitted to the facility. But while they thought they were lucky, the truth is quite different in the face of the lack of warmth from the students of Las Encinas. Hostilities are launched between the new arrivals and the kings of the school. A confrontation that will end in tragedy: a murder, an elusive culprit as well as dark secrets.

Sex Education (2019) – 3 seasons

In this daring and humorous series, we follow the setbacks of Otis, a teenager still a virgin who finds himself at the head of an underground sex therapy practice in his high school. Otis has never slept with a girl yet and yet, in theory, he knows all about sex thanks to his sex therapist mother. His “talents” attract the attention of Maeve, the school rebel, who manages to convince him to launch the famous sexology practice. Business is quick to take off for the duo, it must be said that it is not the sexually hyperactive teenagers who are missing in their high school…

My First Times (2020) – 3 seasons

In this humorous series, discover the life of Devi, an American Indian teenager who finds that her life is really not easy at home like in high school: between her ultra-strict mother and her reputation as a virgin geek at school. school, Devi will do anything to change the situation. His goal ? Sleeping with Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the sexiest guy in high school. But easier said than done! Devi, however, does not intend to let go… for better or for worse.

Locke and Key (2020) – 3 seasons

Inspired by the graphic novels of Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son), this fantastic series tells the misadventures of the three Locke siblings. When their father dies, they move to Keyhouse, the old family mansion, with their mother. They will discover strange magic keys with incredible powers. The artifacts are coveted by a terrible demon, the siblings will do everything so that the latter cannot seize them. The survival of the universe is at stake!

Heartstopper (2022) – 1 season

In this really adorable series, we find Charlie Spring, a homosexual teenager who is bullied by some classmates because of his attraction to boys. Shy and reserved, Charlie falls in love with Nick Nelson, his school’s rugby star. The two teenagers quickly become friends and Charlie will try to repress his feelings. But if they were shared by Nick? A really cute love story with terribly endearing characters.

All of us are Dead (2022) – 1 season

We end the selection with All of us are Dead, a series of zombies, but not just any: the show tells how an ordinary high school becomes the epicenter of a devastating epidemic that transforms people into flesh-hungry living dead human. The story follows a small group of survivors, young people who will do everything to get out of it, until the emergency services come to get them… or not. The series promises a thrilling survival race with insatiable monsters that run very fast.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed our selection of the best teen series available on Netflix 😎 Of course, if you have other recommendations, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

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