The 100 GB mobile plan (and without commitment) at an attractive price, it’s now

RED by SFR unveils an excellent offer on its 100 GB mobile plan. Like the rest of the range, there is no time commitment.

If you are looking for a new mobile plan to start back to school while saving money, RED by SFR has what you need. Not only does the operator rely on a range of formulas with no time commitment, but it displays generous reductions on all its subscriptions.

In the lot, there is an excellent 100 GB mobile plan at less than 15 euros per month. If it turns out to be excellent, it is accompanied by two other offers which have also been subject to reductions this week. Whichever formula you take, you’re getting a deal with this special operation.

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The discounts on each mobile plan are not infinite, this discount period has an end date. Thus, this special operation is doomed to disappear within a few days, which leaves you just enough time to select your new offer to be quiet. It’s the perfect opportunity to stop paying too much before starting this new year at the start of the school year in September.

Which mobile plan for which use?

The advantage of RED by SFR is that it offers a mobile plan for one use. With a range currently made up of three formulas, everyone can find their way around, whatever their daily uses. An offer stands out all the same during this month of August.

The most competitive mobile plan in the range includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 100 GB of Internet in France and 17 GB from the EU and the overseas departments for 15 euros per month. It’s simple, it’s effective and not expensive. If you are with an incumbent operator, it’s a safe bet that your subscription is significantly more expensive than the RED by SFR offer.

If this mobile plan does not include enough GB of Internet for you, do not panic. As we have said, RED by SFR offers offers that are aimed at all audiences and all budgets. In case you often use your smartphone to play mobile games, do video conferences in areas, especially in areas where WiFi is not relevant, there is another low price option.

Indeed, RED by SFR offers an XXL mobile plan at a low price. Today, you can benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 200 GB of Internet in France and 20 GB from the EU and the overseas departments for 15 euros per month. For such a volume of mobile data, no operator can keep up at the moment.

The latest mobile plan from RED by SFR is the cheapest, it is intended for a more specific use. And for good reason, it includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 1 GB of Internet in France and 1 GB from the EU and the overseas departments. In fact, it is an offer for those who only want to call and send messages without worrying about mobile data. For 5 euros per month, you have unlimited access to these two characteristics. As we said, there is something for everyone at the operator.

What are the advantages with RED by SFR?

RED by SFR’s reputation is second to none in the mobile plan market. This brand, owned by the SFR group, was launched to offer formulas with no long-term commitment at attractive prices. The entire procedure has been dematerialized so that everyone can change offers directly online. To have experienced it, the change of formula is done directly on the net in less than ten minutes.

As soon as you have changed your mobile plan for RED by SFR, all you have to do is wait a few days to receive your new SIM card. The new operator takes care of terminating your offer with the old one, it can even manage the portability of your current telephone number if you wish to keep it. To do this, you just need to add your RIO code to the form, you can find out by calling 3179 — this option is completely free.

Then, RED by SFR logically relies on the network antennas of SFR, the latter offers good coverage in France which allows you to have the signal without risk. The fact that its offers have no time commitment remains the operator’s ultimate advantage. Indeed, you can terminate whenever you want without notice or charge, unlike incumbent operators who want you to remain a customer for at least 12 or 24 months.

Choosing a package at RED by SFR means turning to simplicity and efficiency. No time commitment or loss of time, you have all the arguments to stop paying too much and make the transition in a few minutes. The coming back to school is the perfect opportunity to take matters into your own hands rather than continuing to pay too much for another year, take advantage of these offers to get over it.

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