The 5 Best Movies Starring Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock will soon make his DC debut as Black Adam, an overpowered anti-hero who could well make Superman bite the dust himself. But while waiting to discover the actor in the skin of the character, how about discovering the best films with Dwayne Johnson? Get ready, because with this actor, action and humor are always on the agenda!

Here is our selection of the 5 best films with Dwayne Johnson

San Andreas (2015) – Action, thriller

In this film, Dwayne Johnson plays Ray Gaines, a rescue worker and helicopter pilot whose skills will be put to the test when the infamous San Andreas Fault opens and causes a terrible earthquake that shakes much of California. Accompanied by his ex-wife, Ray will brave all the dangers to go to San Francisco and save Blake, their only daughter. The trailer promises truly impressive action and disaster scenes.

Almost Secret Agents (2016) – Comedy, action

Want to laugh a little? Find Dwayne Johnson and his best friend Kevin Hart in this completely wacky action film. We follow Calvin (Kevin Hart), a disillusioned accountant who finds an old classmate, Bob (Dwayne Johnson). Once a high school painkiller, the latter has become an elite CIA agent and relies on the help of a completely overwhelmed Calvin to carry out a mission. Calvin thus finds himself propelled into the dangerous world of counterintelligence. Luckily Bob is there to bail him out… or not.

Jumanji (2017) – Comedy, adventures

Dwayne Johnson teams up with Kevin Hart once again for wild misadventures in the jungle of Jumanji. The film tells how four completely different teenagers find a mysterious video game console that they decide to try. They then find themselves propelled into the Jumanji game. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black embody the avatars of the game. A shock quartet that promises a film that is really very funny and rich in action and twists.

Fast & Furious Hobbs and Shaw (2019) – Action

After joining the massive Fast & Furious franchise in 2011, Dwayne Johnson got his own solo movie in 2019, with Jason Statham co-starring. The film indeed focuses on the characters of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, two years after F&F 8. The two rivals are forced to team up when a deadly virus finds its way into the wild. Hobbs and Shaw will have to recover it before the terrorist organization Eteon intends to use it to kill half the planet. This movie is all the more epic because the super villain is played by Idris Elba!

Red Notice (2021) – Comedy, action

Always for fans of action and comedy, this film offers you this time a trio of shock with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The story follows the misadventures of John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson), an FBI profiler who specializes in tracking down art thieves. His main target is Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), one of the best thieves in the world. Hartley manages to stop her and retrieve one of Cleopatra’s three legendary eggs. But the jewel disappears and Hartley is accused of stealing it. He will have to team up with Booth to find the egg and prove his innocence.

There you go, I hope you’ll like our selection 😎 If you have other suggestions for films with Dwayne Johnson, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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