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Ryan Reynolds is one of the most fashionable actors of the moment, and for good reason, we see him everywhere! And often, it’s for a good laugh. Since Deadpool, the actor has become a key figure in action and comedy cinema. We invite you to discover our selection of best ryan reynolds movies with always more action and humor at the rendezvous.

Our selection of the best films with Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool (2016) – Superheroes, action, humor

After the Green Lantern fiasco, Ryan Reynolds returned as Deadpool in the X-Men movies. But it is the solo film dedicated to the character that you absolutely have to see! Reynolds is simply brilliant as this (almost) immortal mercenary who constantly enjoys breaking the fourth wall by speaking directly to viewers. As you will have understood, Deadpool is a film full of humor and action with a Ryan Reynolds in top form.

Hitman and Bodyguard (2017) – Action, comedy

In this film always packed with action and humor, Ryan Reynolds teams up this time with Samuel L. Jackson. The actor plays the role of Michael Bryce, a former Interpol agent turned bodyguard after a professional incident that still sticks in his throat. Bryce is forced to protect Darius Kincaid, a hitman he deeply hates. A witness for the prosecution in the trial of the tyrannical Belarusian president, Kincaid must be brought safely to The Hague. But the trip is not easy between disputes and attempted murder.

Free Guy (2021) – Action, comedy

In this completely crazy film, Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, a non-player character in the famous video game Free City. As an NPC, Guy does exactly the same thing every day, never asking questions. But everything changes when he meets the player Molotov Girl. Against all odds, Guy manages to go beyond his NPC condition and interfere in the game! He will help Molotov Girl to prove that Antwan, the creator of Free City, stole the codes with which he developed the game.

Red Notice (2021) – Comedy, action

Find a shock trio in this Netflix action comedy with Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Reynolds plays Nolan Booth, the world’s greatest art thief. The latter is tracked down by the best FBI profiler, John Hartley, but the two will be trapped by Le Fou, the most wanted art thief in the world. Sent to prison, they will have to team up to escape and find Le Fou, but with a different goal. Hartley to prove his innocence, Booth to prove he’s the best art thief!

Adam Through Time (2022) – SF, action

The latest film from the actor and in which he plays Adam Reed, a fighter pilot and time traveler. This sci-fi comedy tells how Ryan Reynolds’ character travels back in time to find a missing person in 2018. Nothing goes as planned, however, and he’ll have to team up with a 12-year-old version of himself to try to find a missing person. save the future. Then begins a crazy epic through time for the two Adams.

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