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Sandra Bullock is no longer an actress to present. We no longer count the number of super feature films in which she has shot! The hardest thing is to make a selection… We therefore invite you to discover our little TOP 5 of the best must-see films with Sandra Bullock headlining. Prepare the popcorns and make yourself comfortable!

Our selection of the best films with Sandra Bullock

Between Two Shores (2006) – Romance

Twelve years after filming together in “Speed”, Sandra Bullock finds Keanu Reeves in “Entre deux rives”. This romantic comedy follows Kate and Alex, two people who are not destined to meet at all. And yet, by a strange exchange of circumstances, they will send each other little missives via the mailbox of the house on the lake where they live… but two years apart. Kate indeed lives in 2006, Alex in 2004. The two will live a beautiful story through time, but what will happen when they try to meet?

Gravity (2013) – Drama, science fiction

In this SF drama, Sandra Bullock transports us to a thrilling story in the heart of the vacuum of space. “Gravity” indeed follows Ryan Stone, an astronaut who narrowly escapes an accident in space, while she tries to repair the Hubble Space Telescope with colleagues.

Lost in the void with a limited amount of oxygen, Ryan will do everything not to panic. She will have to keep a cool head to stay alive and hope to return to Earth, safe and sound. However, the task will be very complicated… Sandra Bullock is simply breathtaking in the leading role!

Bird Box (2018) – Sci-fi, post-apo

Another film where Sandra Bullock plays a strong woman who doesn’t let events get her down! In “Bird Box”, the story takes place in a world where the world is suddenly attacked by mysterious creatures whose eyes must not be crossed. They indeed push humans to kill themselves.

Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, a single mother who embarks on a desperate journey with her two young children to join a survivors’ camp. But to hope to survive, the three will have to keep their eyes blindfolded throughout the trip…

Unforgivable (2021) – Drama

Find Sandra Bullock in the skin of a former prisoner in this moving film. The story follows Ruth Slater, a woman who was convicted for the murder of a police officer. Released from prison, Ruth will have to face the gaze of society, which does not forgive her for her act, considered atrocious. But the young woman doesn’t care, all that matters to her is finding her little sister. She had been placed in foster care after Ruth’s imprisonment. The latter will have to fight, because the others will not allow her to reunite so easily with her only family.

The Secret of the Lost City (2022) – Romance, adventure

Do you want adventure, but above all a good laugh? Sandra Bullock has exactly what you need with her latest film, “The Secret of the Lost City”! The actress lends her features to Loretta Sage, a solitary novelist whose quiet little life is turned upside down by her latest book. Loretta finds herself drawn into crazy adventures through the jungle. A billionaire fan indeed forces him to follow him on an expedition to find the lost city narrated in his story. And to top it all off, the model on the covers of her book sets out to save her…

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