The answers to all your questions about VPNs (+ 3 exclusive offers)

If VPNs are still a fuzzy subject for you, this article answers the main questions you may have about this software.

If you clicked on this article, you might be curious about VPNs. These software have taken a prominent place in the modern cybersecurity landscape, and are gaining more and more followers every day. First of all, these tools ensure your protection on the Internet, by preventing access to your personal data or your private life.

Secondly, VPNs also make it possible to browse anonymously, or to thwart geo-limitations and censorship that are current on the net. But then, how does it work? How much security do VPNs provide, and are they easy to use? These are all questions that we will answer here.

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Are VPNs Really Secure?

The first question many ask about VPNs is: are these tools really good at keeping you safe? The answer is yes, provided you choose quality software. In this area, be aware that you can, for example, trust CyberGhost. This VPN acts on two levels to protect you, on the net as well as on connected applications:

  • It encrypts your browsing data with a powerful algorithm
  • It fully camouflages your IP address

These two elements will protect you from the risk of hacking, but will also allow you to browse anonymously. Therefore, your personal data such as your passwords and bank details are inaccessible to others, such as your identity and location, contained in your IP.

And if you are interested in security, know that now is the time to get started, because CyberGhost has recorded a drop of -83% + 3 months offered free on its 3-year plan, thus dropping to only €2.11 per month instead from €11.99.

But CyberGhost goes further than that to ensure your security. For example, this software has an option called Kill Switch. This feature suspends your traffic if the VPN disconnects, preventing your data from being accidentally exposed.

What are the features of VPNs?

Security is the first and indisputable asset of VPNs, but it is not the only one. Many Internet users actually use these tools to navigate more freely. And this goes through a connection to a remote server. And servers, know that the provider NordVPN has more than 5,600 around the world.

These are located in around sixty different countries, and allow you to connect to them very simply. This will have the effect of getting you a foreign IP address (like a US IP address, for example).

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And with this, you will be able to unlock a very large number of content, such as foreign Netflix catalogs, websites, game servers or even foreign television channels.

This explains why many Internet users use it for streaming, or even gaming or downloading torrents. And if these activities interest you, know that you can currently enjoy NordVPN for only €2.89 per month instead of €7.29 thanks to 60% off the 2-year subscription.

But NordVPN also has a very easy-to-use app to let you do all that. It is compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux) and allows up to 6 simultaneous connections with a single account.

Are VPNs difficult to use?

Another question that many Internet users have about VPNs concerns their ease of use. As we have seen, these tools are very easy to use. Take for example the very well known and clearly the best ExpressVPN software.

The latter offers an application available for all operating systems: Windows, macOS, but also Android, iOS or Linux. It can also be installed on Smart TV, game console or router. ExpressVPN activates and then deactivates with a single click on the “On/Off” button in the center of the window.

To choose a VPN location, just click on the box just below, and the tool does the rest. All users therefore benefit from a pleasant experience. And on top of that, its service is currently available for only €6.81 per month, instead of the usual €13.22. All 100% guaranteed for 30 days.

Beyond this simplicity, it is also very useful to know that ExpressVPN is excellent in terms of security. This VPN encrypts your browsing data using the best algorithm available, and completely hides your IP address. It also has many servers around the world and thus thwarts all geo-blocks, which makes it a quality and very complete software.

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