The Arc Vector electric motorcycle and its expensive connected accessories soon on the road

We had to be patient, but the British manufacturer of electric motorcycles Arc will finally distribute the first units of its Vector vehicle to ten happy customers. However, the latter will have to participate in the development of the interface between the motorcycle and the driver…

It was in 2018 that Arc lifted the veil on the Vector, an electric motorcycle with a unique design, somewhere between tron and the Transformers. Unfortunately for the British manufacturer, the company suffered financial problems the following year, and then there was the pandemic. However, Arc seems to have gotten out of trouble and announced that the ten “Angel Edition” (AE) of the Vector will indeed be distributed to their buyers!

Everything in the interface

Each of these new pilots will participate in the Arc HMI proprietary interface system development program. The manufacturer did not just develop a motorcycle: much of its work focused on the connection between the rider and the motorcycle, hence this system which combines a special helmet, the Arc Zenith , and the Arc Origin jacket.

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The Zenith incorporates a head-up display that shows speed, route and video feed from the camera on the back of the helmet. The driver will also find there the indication of the speed of other vehicles on the road. Arc adds Wi-Fi, voice activation and a wireless key that will automatically activate the bike when seated.

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As for the jacket, it is reinforced to measure for optimal protection of the driver, and lined with haptic sensors that provide notifications. For example, the system will emit a vibration at the shoulders to alert the pilot of vehicles that will enter his perimeter. These haptic notifications can be disabled. These functions have a two-hour battery life.

All this has a cost, of course: $135,000 to participate in the AE HMI program, which fortunately includes the motorcycle!

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