The Ascent on PS5? Taiwanese listing allegedly sold off

If we are getting closer day by day to a semi-cyberpunk dystopia, the genre has not finished shouting unrealistic neon lights right in our face: The Ascent, the shoot Neon Giant’s retrofuturist is about to land on consoles Playstation.

After remaining an Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S console exclusive since its release last summer, a mention of the PS4 and PS5 versions has been spotted on a Taiwanese listing. A leak reported by the Twitter account of the Gematsu website which should please those who swear by Sony’s platforms …

A leak straight from Taiwan

This leak comes straight from the Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating Information, a Taiwanese organization responsible for evaluating the age rating of each game published in the country. Two platforms are mentioned in this listing: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, both intended to be published by H2 Interactive on Korean territory… No other indication as to an international release.

But without a doubt, the appearance of the game on this Taiwanese listing clearly suggests that we are very close to an official announcement. It is also the same organization that previously leaked the Nintendo Switch version of No More Heroes, two months before its official release …

The future does not wait

Released last July for Xbox and PC consoles, The Ascent has been widely highlighted by Microsoft’s communication surrounding the Xbox Series X | S, and is part of the games with a native version on the platform. This top-down shooter takes place in a very stylized cyberpunk universe, filled with cyber augmentations and absurdly sci-fi looking guns.

Nervous and accessible, The Ascent relies heavily on its cooperative part in multiplayer, with a long campaign rich in side quests; but compensates for a certain lack of originality. PlayStation players will be able to make up their own mind, however; an official announcement from Neon Giant, or its publisher Curve Digital, should not be long in coming.

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