The Batman Arkham trilogy on the way to Nintendo Switch?

Listed since 2009 in the pantheon of the best video game adaptations of video games, the trilogy batman arkham from Rocksteady largely sidestepped Nintendo’s platforms. But great champion of justice (and incidentally far too zealous mercenary tyrant), the Dark Knight could soon be put on Japanese time through the release of Batman Arkham Collection on nintendo-switch.

After being released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC consoles in 2018, this compilation which includes games Batman Arkham Asylum, City and Knight could make a small detour to Nintendo’s portable console, according to a leak reported by the VideoGamesChronicles site…

The French spilled the beans on Batman Arkham

A leak which, cocorico, comes to us straight from home: the wholesaler and distributor WTT (for World Trade & Technologies) would have put a product page online for Batman Arkham Collection with the mention a mention “Switch”. The page has since been removed from the site, but alert Internet users have had time to take a screenshot that confirms its existence.

A price of €59.99 was listed—usual price for the hybrid console—as well as a release date (probably temporary) set for August 31st. No confirmation has been given by Warner Bros. at the time these lines are written, but it’s a safe bet that we should hear about this collection in a little while.

The trilogy batman arkham only deigned to detour through the Nintendo ecosystem: the episode batman arkham city, originally released in 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, received a Wii U port the following year. Widely criticized for its poor technical quality, this version cut for Nintendo’s tablet failed to convince either the public or the critics.

The next two episodes, Batman Arkham Origins and the very last Arkham Knight, remained the sole prerogative of Microsoft and Sony consoles, as well as the PC. Speaking of the latter: given its technical requirements, we would be surprised to see it running natively on Nintendo Switch… But when we see the miracles of Saber Interactive (which has already taken care of another trilogy, that of Crysison Switch), we say to ourselves that with a valiant bat, nothing is impossible.

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