The best dematerialized Escape Games to have a good time even from a distance

The best dematerialized Escape Games to have a good time even from a distance

In this context of health conditions which are becoming more and more drastic, it seemed essential to us to update the file on the games and experiences offered in distance. Online escape games, video games, immersive experiences, with family or friends, here is our selection for this end of the year.

Here is our selection of Escape Games (or approaching the concept) offering collaborative games in distance.

Online Escape Games offering an original and exotic experience through narration, game mechanics and sometimes the technologies used

STATE plot

In November 2021, a new generation of games appeared with Complot d’ETAT.

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An adventure mixing the mechanics of Escape Game, police investigation (in the spirit of games like DETECTIVE CONSEIL, and DETECTIVES) and with video mini-games. Add to that, an abundance of immersive multimedia supports (Videosurveillances, interactive soundtracks …)


The Gentlemen’s League is one of the first in 2020 to offer asymmetric online Escape Games. If these games do not offer any particularity or technological fantasy, their game mechanics are brilliant, and are among the best games of their kind on the market.

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The persuit :

From 2 to 4 days, you will have to get your hands on a dangerous Hacker. A real crush, between the coherence of the script of the “puzzles”, the diversity of the game mechanisms (with a nice asymmetry of information between the teams), and the variety of media (Chatbot, google map, QR code, etc. ..). Go for it! Confinement or not for that matter!

Since the hunt, several games have emerged from the same publisher.

Radio silence : 3 to 6 players – Intermediate level
In the spirit of the hunt, it offers the particularity of being playable at 6.

1st day : 2 to 4 players – Beginner level
Very crazy, with a good sense of humor, he is perfect for discovering the genre.


  • Price: 16 euros / Team
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 depending on the game.
  • Age: From 15 years old in autonomy.

Online puzzle games: Content offered free of charge by escape game brands using the website and social networks as support


Gemini knight is dead! A successor is needed to protect the princess. It’s up to you to prove your worth, Knight of the Galaxium: Be the fastest to climb these steps and overcome the 12 houses to have the privilege of being chosen by the power of Gemini. This is a succession of puzzles (Research, mapping, encryption, logic, manipulation, etc.) that can be solved in front of your screen for the first 9 houses, but which will require, when the confinement is over to move physically in the Bouches-du-Rhône to defeat houses 10 to 12.

At the end of the day, more than 5,000 euros worth of Saint Seiya jewelry made by Aubagne jewelers “We are heroes”.


  • Price: Free
  • Indefinite period
  • Number of players: 1

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A treasure in Paris has designed puzzles that allow you to explore the city… but from home! We solve them with Google Maps, Street View, Wikipedia… so many ways to discover the city while remaining safe. And the advantage is that you can play it anywhere! You don’t have to be a Parisian. In the puzzles proposed, there is for example a giant sunken touchdown in the Parc de la Villette, or a visit to the underground passages of the capital. Each is a real challenge, and there are clues that help you never get stuck. Gather your best escape game team by videoconference, and go on an adventure together!

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  • Price: Free or paid depending on the game
  • Duration: about 1 hour per puzzle
  • Team: ideally 1 to 5 players

We had tested and liked “The treasure hunt in Paris” (Free)!


A free dematerialized Escape Game to play on the internet to play alone or with others behind the same screen. You are locked in the office of an archaeologist, it will be necessary to find the 3 codes that will unlock the safe, cabinet and cell phone to enter the password on the exit code. Used to the exercise, it still took me 25 minutes to be able to escape. No pressure, you have the time and the clues you want, Sixty O’Lock Montluçon’s proposal is simple: offer entertaining content during this period of confinement, and it has been successful!

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  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Number of players: 1 (Multiplayer possible behind the same screen)

Sixty O’Lock has also created a second mini Escape: Pharaoh’s Tomb that is much more difficult!


Eludice immerses you in a unique immersive experience through three online escape games.

From your sofa, dive into the heart of Tokyo by testing “Japan Hack”. You are an IT security specialist and have just discovered the lair of a very dangerous hacker. You only have 15 minutes to search its hiding place and stop its actions.

Also play the second scenario “Stay at home” to stay in touch with the news. You play as Julie, a young woman confined for a month with her boyfriend. The latter has left the home and invites Julie to join him. Rather playful, he prepared a treasure hunt by hiding the key to the apartment. We will therefore have to find it!

The Mysteries of Nickelodeon teen offers an immersive experience in the Teenager universe of the channel’s TV series.

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Video games: From 3D video games to Flash games: very interactive puzzle games.

The number of puzzle games resembling escape games are legion, but most of the time they are individual. We fell in love with an independent game that fully exploited team play.


This co-op adventure game is available on STEAM for € 12.99. This is the third episode of the WE WERE HERE game saga, in which you and your teammate must solve riddles and puzzles to save the expedition.

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With a low-poly effect, the graphics are perfectly suited to the game. The narration remains simplistic, and is above all a pretext to solve puzzles in pairs. This is clearly the strong point of the game, its collaborative aspect with its directly integrated voice chat. The fact that one must constantly be aware of what the other is doing, often without being able to see it. We can only base ourselves on what he explains to us. And sometimes it’s complicated to clearly describe objects or actions. So, faced with many logic puzzles, it is better to be armed with patience with your partner.


  • Price: € 12.99
  • Duration: 3 hours (In practice, we should not be very effective, because we already have 5 hours of play, and we are only at the 3rd table)
  • Number of players: 2


Platform entirely dedicated to escape games with 885 free online games and most of them in flash.

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The “ready to be printed and played”: On the program, a police investigation game, a fun educational game on botany, and those for the penguins.

ROOM 413

Escape game online as a downloadable document.

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“PM” is suspected of having stolen an invaluable vase in room 413 at the Louvre Museum. He left envelopes signed “PM” at the location of the theft. He wants to play. U.S. too. The objective is to discover the identity and the geographical position of PM before sending the information collected by email to our head of mission.

To start the game, go to the Room 413 Facebook page to get the PDF file that will guide you through your research. You even have the choice of the level of difficulty. No need to print, it is possible to follow the survey on a computer.

QR code, street views, Google map, videos, a note of humor, what not to see pass the 2 hours.


The publisher Spacecowboys makes kits available free of charge to play with several people and remotely at DETECTIVE CONSEILS.

It is nevertheless essential that at least one of the people has a game box among these: The Murders of the Thames, Carlton House & Queen’s Park, and Jack the Ripper.

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A FREE educational escape game on botany to share with the family (from 12 years old). This is a kit to download, where all you have to do is print, cut out, color and place and hide the various elements in a space of 20m² ideally.
A great way to discover this science, where themes such as the architecture of a flower, classification by families, modes of reproduction, ecology and inhabitants are discussed without being boring. A great initiative from TELA BOTANICA, an information exchange network accessible to all botanists.

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  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Number of players: 2 to 5

And for the little ones

You will find a series of paid scenarios accessible to children, ready to download and print.

  • ESCAPE KIT: Price: € 19.99 / duration: 45 to 60 minutes / Number of players: 2 to 5 / Age: From 6 years old
  • CHILD SOUL: Price: € 9.95 / duration: 60 minutes / Number of players: 2 to 5 / Age: From 7 years old
  • HAPPY KITS: Price: 25 € / duration: 60 minutes / Number of players: 2 to 6 / Age: From 7 years old

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