The best lock for your electric scooter is on sale at Amazon!

The Master Lock Anti-Theft Handcuffs are surely one of the best Anti-Theft devices on the market if you have a scooter!

If the Master Lock Anti-Theft Handcuffs make you smile, they are still one of the best protections for your electric scooter. Indeed, this anti-theft system is ideal for securing your favorite means of transport (bicycles, scooters and even strollers) to a fence, a fence or a post. This lock is currently on sale at Amazon at a price of 84.99 euros (-18%, against 103.40 euros usually).

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

Entirely in laminated steel, this lock offers a compact shape that can be folded in half for easy storage, despite its weight of 1.6 kg which you will feel a little in your bag. Please note, we are talking about the version with 9 links here, because the pivot between the links is reinforced to make the lock impossible to cut. It is this version that you will need for maximum security and believe us, we use it every day! The diameter of each handcuff is 7.6cm and the total length is 55cm for easy fixing. Also note that the pivoting links of the lock do not offer a fixed anchor point, preventing it from being forced. The push button allows the handcuffs to be closed without a key, and a key comes with it to open it. This lock offers a “Sold Secure” certification, and it is approved by the police.

Take advantage of 18% off the Master Lock Anti-Theft Handcuffs at Amazon at 84.99 euros!

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

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