the best player in the world was a cheater?

The best player in the world of Guitar Hero has just been unmasked, while he has been cheating for all his records for years.

The period Guitar Hero, it goes back a while for most of us. While many of us have put the guitar away for years, the game still enjoys steady popularity among a small group of people: record players and other difficulty enthusiasts. Indeed, the rhythm game is particularly known for some of its hard-to-follow songs… but not for everyone.

Indeed, the player named Schmooey has been famous for a few years for being the best player in the world on Guitar Hero, finishing songs that no one else could finish, and doing so much faster than average, and without any faults. Records that have earned him jealous looks and various investigations into his exploits, conducted in vain for lack of evidence.

It is Karl Jobst who reports the case in a rather complete video report, which not only traces the craze around the games Guitar Hero but also the story of Schmooey, his victories and his descent into hell.

Too many videos?

This story therefore takes us to December 2021. At the end of the year, he uploads a video in which he achieves a perfect score on the music “9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain”. In this video, some pundits noticed that the notes played by Schmooey weren’t quite the ones shown on screen, so he shouldn’t have gotten a clear pass. Several people also noticed at the end of the video an open media player window which suggested that the music was actually playing in the background and not by the game directly.

Following these accusations, and the revelation of several other pieces of evidence in January, Schmooey was forced to confess his wrongdoing in an explainer video. If he admits to having cheated to obtain this particular record, he also admits that he has been using this practice for years to win certain competitions or certain missions, which have sometimes brought him large sums of money. Initially, he did not want to reveal how many of his videos were affected.

A hundred tampered records

But while he felt blocked by the accusations, he ended up confessing that almost all of his records are actually falsely achieved. To do this, he used several techniques, ranging from risky video editing, to the use of software, through the acceleration of a video at normal speed. Since the young man’s confession, all these videos – more than a hundred – have been deleted from his Youtube channel.

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