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There is no lack of series on Netflix. Every month, the streaming giant adds new things to its catalog. Some programs are much more popular than others and in recent weeks, quite a few series have been talked about a lot on the platform. You are planning to end the year on a high note with the best Netflix series of the moment ? Discover our little top! You will surely find happiness !

Here are the best Netflix series of the moment

The witcher

This series is undoubtedly one of the most popular on Netflix! Season 2 has recently been available on the platform and since then, it’s been madness. The series follows the story of the last Witcher (Witcher in VO) whose fate is linked to a powerful magician and a young princess. These three are destined to meet in a world where a huge war threatens to break out.

The Girl from Oslo

This Israeli-Norwegian series is currently making a big splash on Netflix: the series follows Pia, a young Norwegian who is kidnapped by the Islamic State while she is traveling in the Sinai with two friends. Her mother, a diplomat and having worked on the Oslo accords, immediately flies to the Middle East, determined to use her contacts to find her daughter safe and sound.


THE series not to be missed if you are fans of League of Legends! The series follows two sisters who have been separated by life. In parallel, we also follow two scientists who discover a molecule promising major technological advances. On the program: beautiful graphics, captivating characters and breathtaking combat scenes.

Emily in Paris

In this really refreshing series, we meet Emily, a young and dynamic American, who arrives in Paris with dreams in her head. Hired in a struggling marketing agency, she decides to bring her American point of view to boost the business. The series also follows his social life with beautiful encounters and sometimes funny situations.


In this series, Nick Brewer, a devoted husband, dad and brother, mysteriously disappears. A video of him is then broadcast on the Net: covered with bruises, Nick holds up a sign on which is written: “I mistreat women. At 5 million views, I’ll die ”. His wife and sister will do everything to find him. They will then discover a side of him that they did not know.

The Silent Sea

And how about ending / starting the year with an SF series? Fly to the moon with a Korean astronaut team. They must go to a space station to retrieve a sample that could help save Humanity. They discover, however, that everyone in the station is dead and that a strange creature is lurking there.

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