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Do you want to watch a zombie movie nice on netflix ? It’s perfect because the streaming giant has just a few little nuggets not to be missed in its vast catalog. Original productions or great classics, bloody misadventures or even super funny trips, here is our little TOP best zombie movies to discover without delay on Netflix.

Here are the best zombie movies available on Netflix

Welcome to Zombieland – 2009

This horror comedy takes place in a world completely ravaged by a zombie epidemic. The story follows two survivors whom everything opposes, but who will walk together. Along the way, they will meet two young girls who are determined to survive, even if it means doing dirty tricks. The quartet will have to stick together if they want to survive, however. Worn by Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, the film is really very funny and without the fuss.

World War Z – 2013

One day like any other, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family find themselves confronted with a zombie epidemic. The latter is decimating the human population at breakneck speed. A former United Nations investigator, Gerry agrees to collaborate with the American army. Together, they will try to find the origin of the pandemic in the hope of developing a vaccine against the virus and saving the remaining Humanity.

Freighter – 2017

Get ready to shed a few tears in this zombie film that follows the journeys of a dad and his baby through rural Australia infested with the undead. Bitten by one of them, Andy (Martin Freeman) only has 48 hours left to find good people to entrust his little girl to. He will meet a Thoomi who is looking for a cure for this mysterious pandemic. The trio will travel together and face threats that are not always what we expect.

Live – 2020

“Alive” is a South Korean-style zombie film that follows a young geek who finds himself barricaded in his apartment following a zombie invasion. He will stay confined to his home for days, but decides to go out to join a survivor who lives in the building opposite. Then begins a real journey for the young hero who is determined to stay alive.

Army of the Dead – 2021

One of Netflix’s latest baby zombies! In this film carried by Dave Bautista, we follow a group of robbers who will try to steal 200 million dollars in a casino in Las Vegas. A priori nothing too fancy… except that the city is completely infested with zombies. A veritable army of the undead led by a handful of intelligent leaders… The robbers have a few hours to act before the State proceeds with a nuclear strike to eradicate all the infected.

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