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Notice to lovers of the living dead, there is not only “The Walking Dead” in life! Meeting on netflix to find many more zombie series really nice and very bloody to wish! Fans of very gory stories or even super funny misadventures, even completely WTF? The streaming giant has it all! Discover our TOP of the best zombie series available on the Netflix platform.

Here are the best zombie series available on Netflix

Z Nation – 4 seasons

The world has been ravaged by a zombie infection and there is only one hope left: Murphy, a prisoner on whom doctors have tested a possible vaccine. Repeatedly bitten by zombies, Murphy survives and even develops control abilities over the undead. In the hope of developing a vaccine with his blood, a small group of survivors will try to lead him safe and sound to the last viral laboratory still operational.

Black Summer – 2 seasons

This “Z Nation” prequel series chronicles the beginning of the zombie infection. “Black Summer” follows Rose who will brave mountains and tides to find her daughter. With a group of survivors, she will travel the United States in search of her child. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Even if it means making terrible and really difficult decisions…

Kingdom – 2 seasons

During the Joseon Period, in Korea, the kingdom is ravaged by a mysterious plague that transforms people into monsters that devour human flesh. As the Crown Prince does everything possible to protect the people and find the root of evil, the nobles plot to try to seize power, including hiding the fact that the Emperor himself is now undead…

iZombie – 5 seasons

Liv Moore’s life changes dramatically the day she is transformed into a zombie at a party that goes wrong… Having become a medical examiner, she discreetly feeds on the brains of the deceased. Liv then discovers that she inherits the memories of “her meal”. Passing herself off as a medium, the young woman will use her abilities to help the police solve criminal cases.

Santa Clarita Diet – 3 seasons

“Santa Clarita Diet” tells how the quiet daily life of Joel, Sheila and their daughter Abby is turned upside down when they discover that Sheila has become a zombie. At first glance, this one looks completely normal… except that she constantly wants to eat human flesh! She will try to control her murderous impulses, which will give rise to a lot of comic situations. Attention, black humor is at the rendezvous!

All of Us Are Dead – 1 season

Little news on the platform, “All of Us Are Dead” invites you to dive headfirst into real carnage. On the program: a tide of enraged zombies running fast, very fast. The story follows the desperate efforts of a small group of young people who are left to their own devices on their school campus where (almost) everyone has been turned into starving undead. Suffice to say that they will have a lot of trouble staying alive!

The Walking Dead – 10 seasons

And for those who still haven’t seen “The Walking Dead”, go to Netflix where the 10 seasons of the most famous zombie series in the world await you. The story begins with Rick Grimes waking up from a coma to find the world has been completely decimated by a virus that is turning people into zombies. In search of his wife and son, he will meet survivors and do everything to survive. The eleventh and final season arrives at the end of February on OCS. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little before it is available on Netflix.

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