the black and red fronts are available for sale!

The first interchangeable faceplates for the PS5 are available for sale in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colors.

The moment has finally arrived. For all the lucky ones who have a PS5, Sony is finally making available to you the first interchangeable fronts, announced a few weeks ago. As expected, only two colors out of the five to come (in addition to the basic white) are available in early access, and these are the black facades, in Midnight Black hue, and red, in other words Cosmic Red.

A few months ago, DualSense in these two colors went on sale, so you can match your console to your controllers (for those who bought them). In addition, unlike the new controller colors, the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red faceplates are available for sale on the PlayStation site exclusively until February 18, when they will join the shelves of shops but also the ranks of online retailers.

No facade for the digital PS5?

On the official website they are displayed at the price of €54.99 each and seem only available for PS5 with disc drive. During the announcement, Sony had however specified that variants for the digital PS5 would also land. It therefore seems that holders of this type of console will have to wait a few days, or even a few weeks longer, before being able to obtain a suitable facade.

As for the controllers, the blue, purple and pink colors have been available for sale since January 14 at a unit price of €74.99. They are available at many retailers, physical or online. For example, you can find them at Amazon, CDiscount or even Fnac.

What about colored facades?

For the fronts of the PS5 in Starlight Blue, Nova Pink and Galactic Purple colors, Sony has not yet revealed an official release date. However, we know that they will be released by the end of the first half of 2022, which ends at the end of June. We should therefore have news of this accessory shortly. As for the price, they should be displayed at € 54.99 per unit, like its big sisters.

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