the bonus episode could hide a big clue about season 2

The latest episode of Sandman has delivered valuable clues to the Netflix adaptation sequel.

The Sandman series aired this summer on Netflix. A dark and successful adaptation, which delivered its share of surprises. Barely a few days after the ten episodes of the first season were put online, the platform delivered a little twist, by broadcasting two very high-flying special episodes. One in particular, A dream of a thousand cats (A dream of a thousand cats in VO) could contain big clues about the continuation of the series imagined by Neil Gaiman.

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Rose is not the first human vortex

In A dream of a thousand cats, viewers follow the tragic story of a Siamese torn from her family. Seeking justice, the cat ventures into the Dream Realm and gains an audience with the Dream King Morpheus in his cat form. She then discovers that before becoming the domestic companions of humans, cats ruled the worldfacing men and women no bigger than mice.

After a human dreams about a new world that is more lenient towards the human race, Dream then reveals in Siamese fashion that the world has changed. Faced with the will of men and women, the idea of ​​a world where the relationship of cat-human domination would be reversed has gone beyond a dream to become real. A situation that is reminiscent of that of Rose: the young vortex nearly destroyed the world by aggregating the dreams of her loved ones. So it would make sense that the human the Lord of the Cats refers to was also a vortex, and that his power brought together the dreams of thousands of other men and women to change the course of the world.

If the theory is not clearly confirmed in episode 11 of Sandman, several clues distilled in the series indicate that this is not the first time that Morpheus has faced a vortex. Faced with Lucienne, he explains that the phenomenon is not a “that”, but one “she”. A way for him to signify that the role is not reserved only for humans, and that it is not a priori new. It also reveals that the consequences of the vortex can be repaired up to a certain point.

We can therefore think that the lord of dreams has already found himself powerless in the face of this kind of situation. Perhaps he was just referring to the story of the Siamese prophetess. It’s a safe bet that the second burst of episodes of Sandman will dwell in more detail on the role of the vortices, and in particular on those who preceded Rose Walker.

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