The Boys will not be in the lace with its spin-off

The spin-off of The Boys is revealed in a first trailer. It’s going to bleed on Amazon Prime Video!

The universe of The Boys will expand beyond its series. Building on the success of its production, Amazon will soon be offering a first animated spin-off. An anthology that will follow superheroes always so trashy, known or unpublished. This new adventure in the universe created by Garth Ennis looks as crazy as The Boysmoreover, the cursor could be pushed even further, according to the new images shared by the platform.

After an excerpt featuring a killer baby, Diabolical offers a first trailer. The sequence is not in lace, nothing surprising, we are still in the universe of The Boys. For those who are not familiar with the license, these superheroes are not really models of virtue unlike those of DC and Marvel.

These heroic figures are corrupted by fame and greed, and have little regard for morals or human lives. But a team of vigilantes is determined to take action and take down these once-adored superheroes. With Diabolicalthings will be a little different since the plot is not intended to be a direct sequel to these events. Instead, the creators will offer us a dive into the heart of the universe alongside iconic characters and newcomers. A succession of short stories that should stick to the tone of the original series, while taking a few liberties.

Especially on the side of the overall aesthetic of the series, which will be a patchwork of animation styles. So we warn you right away, the series will not be in everyone’s hands. There will be blood, sex and drugs. 8 stories, each more saucy than the other, for superheroes and trash lovers.

A crazy cast

Eric Kripke appealed to a whole clique of creators and screenwriters who have distinguished themselves in the genre of adult animation. So we’ll find Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty) at the controls of one of the episodes. Simon Racioppa (Invincible)Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99) or Awkwafina (shang chi) will be part of it. Garth Ennisthe creator of the comics, should also script a episode.

Wait until season 3

In addition to satisfying fans of adult animation, this new series has the merit of offering us something to wait until season 3 of The Boys. Amazon has already shared the broadcast date of this new burst of episodes. The appointment is fixed at June 3 nextenough to start the summer off right. In this new season, we will find the whole team after its small victory against Homelander. New characters should appear, starting with soldier Boy. This parody of Captain America will play a central role in the plot, even if for the moment we still know very little about the plot.

Otherwise, go to next march 4 for Diabolical.

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