The Capstone probe has deployed its solar panels and is heading for the Moon

The probe capstone of RocketLab heads for the Moon 6 days after successful takeoff from the Mahia launch site (New Zealand). The Hypercurie engine of the upper stage of the electron rocket set out to direct the probe towards our natural satellite. Driven by Lunar-Photon (this is the name of the upper stage), the probe was finally propelled towards the Moon following a very precise trajectory, the one which should place it in NRHO orbit within 4 months (Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbit). As a reminder, the NRHO orbit, which had never been tested until now, will perhaps be the one that will be ultimately used for future Artemis assignments from NASA. The NASA engineers who have worked on the subject believe that this orbit would combine several advantages, both scientific and logistical.

Capstone 1

Capstone has now deployed its solar panels and is slowly heading towards the Moon. If everything goes smoothly, and after several trajectory corrections carried out using its integrated thrusters, the small 25-kilo probe should reach NRHO orbit around November 13th.

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