The case of the future AirPods Pro 2 would still have a Lightning port

At present, Apple manages several charging systems for its products: MagSafe, USB-C, Lightning… One of these technologies is nevertheless on the downward slope even if the manufacturer is still struggling to get rid of it.

Apple is one of the last computer manufacturers to impose on its users a proprietary connection for recharging its products. At a time when almost the entire industry has succumbed to USB-C, the creator of the iPhone continues to bet on Lightning on its smartphones and many peripherals.

USB-C is everywhere

It can’t last very long. From 2024, the European Union should indeed impose USB-C on the entire industry, including Apple. The Lightning port will be over, and the manufacturer is aware of it: an iPhone with USB-C is indeed in development, according to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. And this model could be released in 2023, he added in May.

And that’s not all. Apple devices that still use Lightning would also be on death row! Kuo predicted that the Apple mouse, trackpad, keyboards, MagSafe battery as well as AirPods will switch to USB-C in the near future. Regarding the AirPods more specifically, the analysis this week gave some additional details.

We shouldn’t expect a USB-C case for the second-generation AirPods Pro, which could be released by the end of the year. The Lightning would still be there for recharging the device, the battery of which can also be refueled on a Qi-compatible charging support. It is in 2023 that Apple will release a new charging box with a USB-C port.

Users of these future AirPods Pro will therefore always have to carry a Lightning cable with them if there is no Qi mat nearby.

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