the Cenobites return for a new massacre

It’s not just Jeepers Creepers who are making a big comeback in cinemas! Four years after a last film not very well received by critics and the public, the franchise wants to start from scratch. This new feature film entitled ” hellraiser is therefore a reboot. Here is a little taste in this first trailer.

A homecoming for the saga

David Bruckner, the director of this new Hellraiser, presented the film as a “homecoming” for the famous horror saga. The story tells how Riley, a young woman with many addictions discovers a strange cube. She will of course assemble it, then opening the door to the Hellraiser, another dimension populated by infernal beings: the Cenobites. These sadistic creatures stalk humans to torture them to death. The trailer promises a very gory story with Cenobites in top form. Get ready, it’s going to be a real massacre!

New cast, “new” Pinhead

This new Hellraiser film is carried by Odessa A’zion, who some already know for his roles in the Fam and Grand Army series. In the role of Pinhead, the famous leader of the Cenobites, we find the actress Jamie Clayton (Sense 8, The Neon Demon). This is a great first, the character having always been played by men until now, including Doug Bradley (who played him in the first eight films of the franchise). Fans are really looking forward to seeing this.

The rest of the cast consists of Hiam Abbass, Goran Visnjic, Brandon Flynn, Selina Lo, Drew Starkey, Aoife Hinds, Adam Faison and Nikola Kent. The Hellraiser movie was announced for October 7 in the United States on the famous Hulu streaming platform. French fans will still have to wait before knowing when the film will be released in France and on which platform… So to be continued!

Official Hellraiser Movie Trailer (VO)

Source : Youtube

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